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Hello, sorry i don't know hardstyle it's dubstep?
Well i try
Da Tweekaz - Wodka
  1. Non-Ranked Queue
  2. 150 bpm
  3. follow all instruments
  4. In my opinion, there is aesthetics in this map:D
  5. There is vodka here, a good reason to choose this map

Well, it's well
Sorry if it's dubstep, i really don't know
Prismo - Stronger
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. 140 BPM
    Edm song
    follows Vocal in non kiai section
    I tried to make it look good and aesthetic and i think it looks good
Yusadesu - Now Loading!!!!
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. 193 BPM
  3. i tried to make it fun as possible
  4. Not Moe, Dubstep, Metal
Trivium - Down From the Sky
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Chorus has higher SV than parts before it
  3. 160 BPM
  4. Flow isn't constant circular
  5. 5.08*, difficulty comes from both jumps and streams in equal measure

    It is metal, be warned. Not heavy metal, but there is some growling/sort of screaming vocals, so you may not like it. The main part of the song is not like this however
Nao Tomori
Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Old School
  3. IDM
  4. 2 Diffs (Normal 1.54*, Advanced 2.30*)
  5. 84 BPM
  6. Relaxing Music
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Mapping with drum sounds.

Majiko - Sarishinohara
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Prioritises melody

Mamoru Miyano / Identity
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. -Not moe / heavy metal / dubstep
    -Not alt/high bpm
    -Streams are slow (127bpm)
    -Stronger kiais


pinataman wrote:

I don't pick Heavy Metal
Another queue I'm not welcome to :thinking:
Roselia - Tamashii no Refrain
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. idk kiai is stronger than build up
Hashimoto Miyuki - Glossy:MMM
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. 175BPM
  3. not stream map
  4. following melody
  5. short map
Serizawa Haruki
HoneyWorks feat. Gero - Jakusha no Sengen
  1. Not Ranked Queue
  2. It's not moe, heavy metal or dubstep, it's below 200 bpm, only has a few short streams and different types of flow
ClariS - SHIORI vs. Hitorigoto
  1. Unranked Queue
  2. Lasse part inside top diffs which makes it not boring pp map
NCT DREAM / walk you home
  1. Not Ranked Queue
  2. It's k-pop song, it has low bpm. etc

Thank you~
DJ YOSHITAKA feat. Kanako Hoshino - Hoshi wo Kono Te Ni
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Follows the melody
  3. Old School Style
  4. Does not have a minute long spinner
  5. 165 BPM, no streams
SakiZ /Serval Power
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. meme song, stream map bit 5.58 =)
Sakurauchi Riko
(Riko Sakurauchi (CV.Rikako Aida) - Pianoforte Monologue)
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. follows melody
  3. kiais stronger
  4. diverse flow i'd say
Lv.0 - i.o
  1. Non-Ranked Queue
  2. structured around movement
  3. varying intensity (no kiai indicated)
  4. definitely not Moe, Heavy Metal, or Dubstep
Topic Starter
Thank you everyone for your submissions.

I have selected Shogun Moon, Sakurauchi Riko, and FunnyA's maps.

You should all expect to have your mod on Friday, February 16.

Honorable mentions to Akareh and negusver for cool maps that I can't play.

@Naotoshi - I can mod a map of yours, but let me choose the time I map it because I'm busy, so request declined.

@KingHenry - :cry: sorry bro :cry:

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