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Pinataman's BN Queue

Activity:I will try to open this queue once a week on Thursdays for 24 hours and take 1 request from experienced mappers and 1 request from new mappers. How much I mod will fluctuate. I feel the queue is not meeting my goals in finding appropriate maps. I will try a new way of finding maps to mod for a while. The queue will be closed indefinitely.

  1. This is a NM queue.
  2. The queue will close when I post that it is closed and change the title and first post to be closed.
  3. I cannot qualify maps, I can only place the first nomination on a map.
  4. Don't post when the queue is closed (even if you are trying to communicate this queue is closed).

How I select maps
  1. I pick maps based on the song. It's hard to describe if I will like your song, but see the example songs I like below to get an idea.
  1. I don't pick Moe, Heavy Metal, or Dubstep songs.
  2. I pick maps I can play. I can't play alternating maps or high bpm songs (>200).
  3. I'm bad at streams, so if your difficulty is over 5.6* because of streams, I probably won't pick it.

  1. I like helping new mappers. If you don't have a ranked map, please indicate that so I can prioritize your request.
  2. I like maps that prioritize the melody over the drum.
  3. I like maps whose kiais are stronger than their build-ups.
  4. I like maps whose flows don't just go in a circle over and over again.
Ugoku Ugoku - Chito, Yuuri
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. wise man
  3. cute song imo idk if its count as moe or not
GL with the queue :)

M2U - Myosotis
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Mainly follows melody
  3. 160BPM

I wouldn't really classify it as dubstep since for the most part it's a calm song with no wubs, but there's a hardcore/technoish section in the middle, so you may not like it.
Figured I'd still try tho.
CLIFF EDGE - The Distance feat. Nakamura Maiko
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Mostly prioritizes the melody
  3. 117 BPM
  4. It doesn't have any streams at the top diff
  5. The flows don't just go in a circle
  6. The kiais are stronger than their build-ups

Thanks in advance~
*namirin - Kanade
  1. Not Ranked Queue
  2. Prioritizes both Melody and Drums
    Edit: 155bpm
    Chorus is stronger than buildup
    I honestly don't count this as moe, more of a relaxing song than moe.
    Flow isn't dull as fuck
    You can probably play this map, 3* XD
    Fuck streams tbh
    Multimode set :3c
Thaehan - Doki Doki
  1. Unranked Queue
  2. 180BPM
    Make the connection with the song title
    The star rating comes from every element of the map
    I'm praying that you like the ending
    This song is all melody and no drums lol
    Flow on this map is very different, albeit still rankable, compared to other maps
    You should be able to play everything but the top diff!
    Second and third kiais are much stronger compared to the rest of the song
Hana - Sakura to Kotori
  1. Non-Ranked Queue
  2. Not Moe, Dubstep, Metal
  3. <200 (180 bpm)
  4. 6* but not stream-y
  5. Prioritises melody/vocals
  6. kiai's is an explosion after the build ups
  7. this is a collab map so there's parts with circular flows, however majority of it has snappier flow than circular
Hello, sorry i don't know hardstyle it's dubstep?
Well i try
Da Tweekaz - Wodka
  1. Non-Ranked Queue
  2. 150 bpm
  3. follow all instruments
  4. In my opinion, there is aesthetics in this map:D
  5. There is vodka here, a good reason to choose this map

Well, it's well
Sorry if it's dubstep, i really don't know
Prismo - Stronger
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. 140 BPM
    Edm song
    follows Vocal in non kiai section
    I tried to make it look good and aesthetic and i think it looks good
Yusadesu - Now Loading!!!!
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. 193 BPM
  3. i tried to make it fun as possible
  4. Not Moe, Dubstep, Metal
Trivium - Down From the Sky
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Chorus has higher SV than parts before it
  3. 160 BPM
  4. Flow isn't constant circular
  5. 5.08*, difficulty comes from both jumps and streams in equal measure

    It is metal, be warned. Not heavy metal, but there is some growling/sort of screaming vocals, so you may not like it. The main part of the song is not like this however
Nao Tomori
Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Old School
  3. IDM
  4. 2 Diffs (Normal 1.54*, Advanced 2.30*)
  5. 84 BPM
  6. Relaxing Music
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Mapping with drum sounds.

Majiko - Sarishinohara
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. Prioritises melody

Mamoru Miyano / Identity
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. -Not moe / heavy metal / dubstep
    -Not alt/high bpm
    -Streams are slow (127bpm)
    -Stronger kiais


pinataman wrote:

I don't pick Heavy Metal
Another queue I'm not welcome to :thinking:
Roselia - Tamashii no Refrain
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. idk kiai is stronger than build up
Hashimoto Miyuki - Glossy:MMM
  1. Ranked Queue
  2. 175BPM
  3. not stream map
  4. following melody
  5. short map
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