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Problem Details:
Last time, i saw, that osu dont gives me pp. For example,together i beat the map, and three seconds later i watch, that for this map, i got 6 pp. But this pp dont go to my profile, and i cant see this score on the osu website. But the system thinks, that it gives me pp, cause if i re-beat this map, osu dont give me pp, or give 0,10 pp, if i beat this map better. What i should do? My internet connection is very good. :o Please answer :c

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
Sometimes, when you rebeat a map with a higher score, it might not give you PP due to the fact that you may have higher PP plays. So the weight that it has is much lower. I suggest reading the link above so you can understand more about PP.
Yes, i know that, but last time i beat a maraphone, and osu gives me 53 pp it is the highest score i have ever beat. But osu dont give me this pp, and this score doesnt show in the top ranks, but my score is saved in the system ( in the world top, not only local) cause i have an internet connection.
I do see this play on your top plays.

So it is giving you the correct PP. I suggest just keep playing some more, and getting more higher PP plays (usually done by playing harder maps and getting a high combo or high acc... or both). Other than that, seems you are getting pp.
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