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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
My uTorrent has been busy downloading the entirety of ranked maps, now as the title implies, I want to add them to collections sorted by the year/month they were ranked in. Now I suppose you understand I am not going to individually add over 10k maps to the collections. Instead the ability to immediately have a map in a collection upon importing the .osz would be amazing, or the ability to, like the way the mass deleting works, adding all visible maps to collections.
(Of course my case is just an example, I'm sure there's many more people that want this and many more ways to use this)
How about having someone do something about it if it's being posted so often, dating back to 5 years ago. Just add it to ''completed requests'' so it'll be ignored like the rest of these then sure
Not every feature request is destined to be added or have a high priority.

With that said, the original thread for this request is not part of Completed requests or marked as invalid because there is a chance it could be added at some point.
If you're a bit into coding you can probably get this done by yourself within a relatively short amount of time.
Using Piotrekol's collection manager you already got classes to handle API-requests as well as load your song database.
You could then proceed to make API-calls using the get_beatmaps API-request with each ranked set's beatmapsetID as parameter and create collections based on the "approved_date" value that is returned in the json.
Would take a good while thanks to API-restrictions but a result is a result after all.
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