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Share your osu! performance to everyone !

Website URL : https://osureplayviewer.xyz

Tutorial :
  1. Go the homepage and upload your replay
  2. Wait some time (depend of the number of requests)
  3. Check if the processing of your replay is finished (on the search page)
  4. Open the search page and type your osu! username or ID (you can try with my username)
  5. Select your replay
  6. Enjoy

Features :
  1. Convert .ors osu replay file into video
  2. Create a sharable link for the recorded replay
  3. Can only record a replay one by one (for now ;) )

In the future :
  1. Like and report functions.
  2. Deploy osu!replayClient. A recording client.
  3. Use mirror for beatmaps not available on the osu website

If you encounter a bug or you want to offer me help or any idea
Visit my github : https://github.com/codevirtuel/osu-replayViewer-web/issues
Discord : https://discord.gg/pqvhvxx
accidentally hit submit, ups

dont post my replay pls

FAMoss wrote:

accidentally hit submit, ups

dont post my replay pls
Dont worry, your replay made me realize a stupid bug in my website.
Thank you ;)
hmm,, lets try
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