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Hey guys,

Ive bought a mechanical number pad with blue cherry keys, everything fine by that but after a short time Ive realized something wierd.

Before I had the number pad, I did spin (playing with mouse atm) around 320-350, I can't remember how fast I could spin 2 years ago before I did stop playing for...yeah 2 years ^^ I had a tablet back then.

Now I realized that sometimes it's super easy to spin over 400 while there are moments where I spin certainly faster but don't touch 400 by a long shot.

Is there something about spinners that I should know? I mean...you press the click button and then you spin...nothing too complicated :D

It feels like having a bug or something :S
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pandaBee wrote:

yeah, that's pretty much what Ive thought when I saw that big 420 RPM right after Ive switched my keyboard to a mechanical one

my tablet came today, I sued to play on the wacom ctl 480 and the first 3 spinners, Ive had over 400 again but after a while I only were able to spin like 320 and I spin WAY faster with the tablet than with my mouse...so something is damn wierd and screwing up
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I still have that wierd problem, Ive tried changing the update methode, pressing down the key as fast as possible, spinning as accurate as possible etc.

I end up having 420 RPM spins OR 280-320 RPM spins...which is super frustrating since I cant control it.

Maybe a reinstall fixing the problem? :S
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