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It feels like 99% of my misses is cause i just cant keep a track off my cursor and miss timing on jumps ect

someone told me to try to learn hidden but i cant even pass most simple maps with that mod :/ and i hate it

so im just asking is learning hidden fundamental to the game sense i pretty much had the same skill block wall for the past 2 years almost (At least when it comes to nomod)
No it's not.

It's still a good idea to pick up for the slight pp boost on farm maps (which aren't hard to play on HD), getting better scores / higher rankings and if you ever play tournaments you might need it there, too.

Don't forget that in order to learn Hidden you don't need to go full HD, just playing it regularly is sufficient enough to get really good at it. So just balance your plays out between HD and nomod (You can forget about HD on low ARs if you want, almost noone can / wants to play that.)

So yeah, it's a good idea to pick up. Just don't fall into the trap of thinking that you HAVE to have HD active at all time. Again, just using it every day for a few maps will make you really, really good at it in a relatively short amount of time.

Most people, and probably you, too, hate HD because it has a frustrating entry level, but once you get past it, you'll start liking it. Just don't start liking it too much, you want to be able to play all mods eventually and not become some OTP that will eventually hit a wall. (Maybe make an exception for FL and EZ, though)

You only have to invest a couple of dozen hours into HD to get to the phase where you're not hopelessly lost on it, and only a couple more until you're on par with your nomod skills for everything AR9 and above.

Trust me, the hardest part of any mod really is to overcome that frustrating entry level phase, and after that you'll feel really good about sticking through. Everyone went through it when they learned HD, and if you ever plan on playing HR / HDHR, it will definitely not be the last frustrating phase you'll have to go through.

Yes, pick it up. Play it a everyday, or make one day HD and one day nomod, whatever you like, just keep exposing yourself to them so you'll eventually become pro at both.
learning how to read the patterns is fundamental to this game. How you choose to learn is up to you, but personally I prefer blindfold, tablet, touch based keyboard, and muted hitsounds.
Get 99+ acc fcs before you try hidden on maps. It makes it easier
This skins may help you.
It's not fundamental however, I did hear Azer say in an interview that if you aren't playing hidden, you're losing on free PP.
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