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Just now, I opened osu but then all i hear is the music and i can't access the screen of the game but it used to work perfectly fine. I've tried to reinstall the game but that didn't seem to work.
Help would be appreciated.

Have you changed anything on your computer recently that could cause the problem? You might also want to check to see if your video drivers are fully updated.

You can also try going on the osu!<username>.cfg file in the osu! folder, find the "Renderer" line and change it to either 'd3d' or 'opengl' and see if there is any difference. There are a few other options like adjusting the resolution and Framesync options too in case they are causing any problems.
Can u please gimme a full set of instructions? kinda of a noob at this sorta techy stuff....XD
1.) Start Menu > Type "dxdiag" > Press Enter > Display Tab > Check what the Device name is and google the name to check for the latest driver

2.) On your desktop, right click your osu! shortcut and press "Open file location" look for osu!<username>.cfg and open it. Look for the line that has "Renderer" in it, and change it to d3d or opengl, whichever is different from what you currently have
THX!!!! OMG that worked. THX so much dude!!!
even if i change it to open gl my screen always turns to white
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