Beginner's Taiko Tournament (Season 3) [SIGNUPS CLOSED]

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Welcome, potentially new Taiko players, or just beginning Taiko players aiming to improve their game! It's perhaps a bit difficult to get into Taiko just due to how intimidating the game looks, or based off of the colors confusing you, or even just afraid to jump out of your comfort zone* (*note not all reasons listed here)! Not to worry, we're here to put the spotlight onto you, with the Beginner's Taiko Tournament Season 3! In this, we'll get to see new members of the Taiko community partake and improve their skills. Who knows, perhaps one of these players will be a top Taiko player in the future? In any case, to get to the top, you must work hard from a lower point in the pyramid so to say.

Helpful Links


Player's Signup Form
Staff's Signup Form

Seeding Mappool
Round 1 Mappool


Discord (highly recommended to join as most planning is done here, though PMs will still be sent out to those not part of the discord)


The only restriction that exists here for registration is that you cannot be in the top 10k in ranks. This is meant to be a beginner's tournament, and many, if not all the maps are catered towards those who are below 10k. We don't want an unfair advantage! There's two exceptions to this rule.

  • 1. If you're the appropriate rank upon registration but rank past 10k before the tournament begins, if you are still below 9k, you're considered eligible.
    2. If you rank while the tournament is taking place, that cannot be stopped, but please refrain from doing so (ranking too far below 9k might require modifications/eliminations).


To register is simple! Fill out the form displayed above (or if you missed it you may click here), and you're on your way! We're accepting up to 48 players for this initial phase.

1. Heam (13.1k)
2. CaptainEChan (11.8k)
3. chrisny (10.5k)
4. Greninja (23.7k)
5. arbuziec (152k)
6. DemonWaves (14.3k)
7. ZyncxSkyvolt (13k)
8. sinn (47k)
9. Binsu (11.4k)
10. Redavor (47k)
11. [ M e a k u ] (23.6k)
12. Ducktard (62.1k)
13. Jory (10k)
14. Mara (12k)
15. Eurocat (18.9k)
16. theLINguy (346k)
17. amano megumi (10.8k)
18. RemuSama (44.8k)
19. oralekin (76pp)
20. I_Rax_I (55.6k)
21. Trilt (10.8k)
22. cottonkendis (153k)
23. koaywj (21.9k)
24. Infecta (26.6k)
25. CrimAri (98k)
26. -GN Junior (14.3k) (dropped out)
27. Sinaeb (26.6k)
28. Just2Gud (13.8k)
29. butt prince (17.6k)
30. -omicron (173k)
31. Missingno74 (13.4k)
32. Poii (10.6k)
33. [Swegloerd] (19k)
34. -REV- (16.8k)
35. Nutellitah (11.2k)
36. Temnotal (23.6k)
37. -dragon67 (25.8k)
38. -Rmdy (11.6k)
39. Daycore (31.6k)
40. moosepi (14.5k)
41. Darkside550 (11.3k)
42. DJPW610 (24.6k)
43. Ascendance (37k)
44. SackofRice (18.6k)
45. Xellander (17.2k)
46. CrimsonZ04 (258k)
47. DevIl_hornS (23k)
48. Heliscout (19.3k)
49. Clayton (14.5k)
50. Kizmah (21.8k)


There's a lot of ground to cover in the Rules section, so please bear with me as I cover the various sections. If you already know how a general tournament works, a refresher never hurts, but there is also one additional rule that'll take place at the very start.

1. This tournament is double-elimination and single-player. There are no teams here.
2. The mapset will be announced the day before a stage begins, and the categories are as follows:
  • NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, FreeMod, TieBreaker

3. Match schedule is decided between the two players pitted against each other, and when they have a time that works, they will message a referee their time. Each stage of this tournament will last a week, and that week starts when the mapset is announced a day before, so players need to get their match in before the week is over.
4. If there is no referee available, or if I am not available, the match can be postponed.
5. If both players tie on the TieBreaker, the TieBreaker will be replayed, though with FreeMod rules.
6. If a player disconnects from the game, the opponent wins the round. The only exception is if the player disconnects during the first five seconds of the song, in which the match is restarted.
7. Maps cannot be used twice in the same round.
8. You have 15 minutes to show up to your scheduled match. If the opponent doesn't show up, the player who was supposed to play automatically advances onwards.
9. Any other rules changes or unexpected occurrences will be announced in the thread.
1. There are four stages to this tournament: the Group Stage, the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals.
2. Matches are seeded. This will happen in the seeding round of the 48 players. More information will be held in Seeding Regulations.
3. In order to win in all matches (with the exception of the seeding round) except the finals, it's best of 7, or the first to win four matches. In the finals, it's best of 9, or the first to win five matches.
1. During the seeding round, there will only be four rounds, however each of these rounds are filled with twelve players (or rounding to a different number if signups are less than forty-eight players).
2. This match is mainly used to weed out the no-shows, however it is also used to file in any backup players who may be called upon to take place of a no-show in the future.
3. A private match will be created for all the players, and will be invited into their match when it's their time. Make certain you're online at this time.
4. There will be no warmup during this, but rather all the players will play through a shorter mappool.
5. For every match on, a player is given points which are determined by (# of players - place). Whoever has the most points at the end are placed at higher seeding. This is to make for more even matches throughout the tournament.
6. Results will be displayed on Challonge, and announced by the referee(s). A screenshot won't be able to catalog the results of multiple maps, so this is necessary.
1. A private match will be created for your match, and both players will be invited into their match when it's their time. Make certain you're online at this time.
2. Each player is allowed one warm-up, but it must be below 3 minutes.
3. Map selection will be done by the person who is currently losing. At the start however, it'll be whoever !roll the highest. When the starting person is decided, both players will select one map to ban that is not the tiebreaker.
4. In case of a tie, the tiebreaker is selected.
5. Results will be displayed on Challonge, and announced either by the player or the referee, whoever is more willing with a screenshot.
1. There's a different pool in each stage of the tournament, becoming progressively harder.
2. As stated before, NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, FreeMod, and TieBreaker are the six categories that exist for this tournament.
3. Each mappool has 13 maps, which includes 4 NoMod maps, 2 Mod maps (including FreeMod), and one TieBreaker.
4. Tiebreaker is played without mods unless the Tiebreaker ends in a tie.
5. As stated previously, the mappool is released when a stage starts.
1. Every stage is held during the week to let players practice. After at least three days of practicing, matches may partake if players are available. We will schedule the players accordingly.
2. Matches are allowed to overlap if referees are available.
3. You must complete your match at the designated time or both players are eliminated.
3A. However if you and your opponent can come up with a better time than what we have schedule for you, please inform us of this. We will change your match if informed a day in advance.

If there are questions, feel free to notify me, or post in the thread!


Organizer: FlamingRok
Mappool: FlamingRok
Bedwyr Aorta
Referees: Edgar_Figaro
Bedwyr Aorta
-GN Junior
Streamers: None as of yet!
Commentators: Edgar_Figaro
butt prince

Tournament Dates

As of this time, this is an estimation as to how the tournament is going to run. It may run a few weeks longer if needed to make the tournament run smoothly.

Registration Period: January 27th 2018 - February 18th 2018, 12PM EST
Tournament Start: February 18th 2018
Seeding Stage: February 18th-February 25th
Post-Seeding Stage: February 25th-March 4th
Winner's Bracket Round 2 and Loser's Bracket Round 1: March 4th-March 11th
Winner's Bracket Round 3 and Loser's Bracket Round 2: March 11th-March 18th
Quarterfinals and Loser's Bracket Round 3: March 18th-March 25th
Loser's Bracket Round 4 and Loser's Bracket Round 5: March 25th-April 1st
Semifinals and Loser's Bracket Round 6: April 1st-April 8th
Loser's Bracket Rounds 7 and 8: April 8th-April 15th
Finals: April 15th-April 22nd
Tournament End: April 22nd 2018


1st Place gets a free month of supporter!
(future prizes are still being considered/worked)
Every player has fun hopefully? If you register, I hope you enjoy your time here, future Taiko Drum Master!
Bedwyr Aorta
Nice to see such tournaments being organized :)
10/10 would recommend for beginners.
butt prince
I want to join, but I can't take any time off work. My schedule is weekdays 2:30pm-10:30pm (PST), is it possible?
Topic Starter
absolutely possible, we can plan around these times
Come on guys - this is your chance to improve in Taiko!
^ what he said
And invite your friends too!
I applied. Can't wait.
Well i should give it a try :3
This seems really good. GL participants!
Season 2 gave me a lot of experience and lessons, so peeps should totally join
it is also so beneficial that I got to top 5k ez
score v2?
Nice to see so many people participating.
Bedwyr Aorta

Intensity wrote:

score v2?
Yeap, the tournament will be played in ScoreV2.
Topic Starter
(Note this same message will be sent to people currently playing via PM even if they're in the Discord or not. The forum post will be for those who don't check either somehow)

Hello everyone! At a high attendance count already, so let's give people a treat shall we? Here's the Seeding Mappool for the Seeding Stage of this tournament! The matches will be posted within the next few days, but for now, have at this mappool and do your best beginners!

Mappool's Here Guys!

Thank you,
add me pls 24k
Topic Starter
Got everyone added in, lucky two other people were able to get in from me being at work at the time, but sign ups are now closed at an astounding 50 players! Match times for the Seeding Round will be announced within the next few days.
Topic Starter
The schedules are now up! Thank you for waiting patiently (or impatiently) for the schedules. Everyone'll be PM'd the schedules in case they don't see it, but as always, we also want to keep the forum up to date, so here's the schedule right here for those who aren't on the Discord:


Don't forger to download the mappool which has been out on the main post on the forum page for a while, but if you didn't snag it, it's not too late!


Thank you, have a nice day.
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