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[STD] Accel Tourney 5 60k-100k [Regs. CLOSED]

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Welcome to Accel Tourney!

This is a osu!standard 1v1 tournament for people in the rank range of 60k-100k!
This will be a 2 day tournament.
We will be using Head2Head Score V2.
This tourney is intended to have 5 rounds: RO32 (BO5), RO16(BO5), QuaterFinals(BO5), Semi-Finals(BO7), Finals(BO7)
Players will self-ref in RO32, and RO16. A referee will take your matches for QuarterFinals. Semi-Finals and Grand Finals will be streamed and referee'd.

General Match Rules

There will be no warmups.
Only 1 ban per player.
If your match is not posted to #match-results that match is voided
and you will need to redo the match.
In Freemod maps, players need to pick at least one mod.
Only HR/HD/EZ/SO are allowed at freemod maps.
RO16(BO5), QuaterFinals(BO5), Semi-Finals(BO7), Finals(BO7)
Contact admins for more questions about matches.


Registrations will end at February 16(Friday)
RO32 will start at 15:00 UTC+0 February 17(Saturday)
RO16 will start at 16:00 UTC+0 February 17(Saturday)
QF will start at 17:00 UTC+0 February 17(Saturday)
SF1/2 will start at 15:00-16:00 UTC+0 February 18(Sunday)
Finals will start at 17:00 UTC+0 February 18(Sunday)


Bragging rights for the rest of the day. (No there are no prizes this time unless we get some kind sponsors, apologies.)


Host: Deadpulse | Espalza

Referees: Deadpulse| Espalza | Redavor | CharmCaster | Niegth | dblade | kristoffer09 | oralekin | Simon Yuusuke | -GN Junior

GFX: Xeious

Mappool Selectors: loler123903 | Redavor | dblade

Streamers: Espalza

Be sure that you are available on 15:00 to 18:00 UTC+0 in February 17 and 18.
Register by commenting your rank (as of registration) in the forum and join the discord server.
A 2k extra rank range has been allowed as a buffer for anyone who wishes to overrank. Do NOT rank up further than 58k. You have been warned.
Any other info such as procedures and announcements will be on the discord server so be sure to join :)
Any excess players (if we have more than 32) will be added to the reserve list, where they can replace overranked players and no-shows (on RO32 only).

This tourney's mappool will consists of 4NMs, 2HDs, 2HRs, 2DTs, 3FMs, 1TB all in the range of 3.9* - 4.7*

FELT - Story
Jeff Williams - Time to say Goodbye (feat. Casey Lee Williams)
Thaehan - Doki-Doki
Mitchie M - News 39

BESTie - Excuse Me

Hard Rock
MuryokuP - Aspirin
Cyua - Blumenkranz

Double Time
Anamanaguchi - Prom Night
Kana Nishino - Wishing

Free Mod
Mikami Shiori & Ookubo Rumi - Onna to Onna no Yuri-Game
Dreamcatcher - Chase Me
Lite Show Magic (t+pazolite vs C-Show) - Crack Traxxxx

Kana Nishino - Distance (TANUKI's Christmas Remix)
Stupid Idiot
Wait what.
hi 63k rank
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