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this one:

and this one:

Aaoi wrote:

Final Fantasy IX - Melodies Of Life
Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me

FF8 and FF9 my Favourite FF Games xD
I like this person.

Memories ;____; Who cares if it sounds like starship troopers
I liked the game music in The Elder Scrolls - Morrowind.
Persona 3/4
New Oerba and Sunleth Themes from FF XIII-2
OP from Suikoden III
OP from Bayonetta
Marx theme from KSSU (Kirby Super Star Ultra) :P
Mana Khemia soundtrack... I don´t know why.. maybe because I love musics with flute
Cave Story+, MGS2, and VVVVVV.
I prefer the soundtrack of the the Tales of Series and Pokemon :D
I don't know if anyone post this before. too lazy to scroll the thread ;)

I love this song ever since i got my first PSP, and of course the Burst Mix.
Ahhh So amazing.
This is one of my favorite songs *-* simply Sugoi ‼ ... plpp_video

The entire Double Dragon Neon soundtrack is really good

PS do NOT listen to the Ending Credits if you haven't beaten the game, because it completes the experience of the game so well and you don't want that kind of experience spoiled.

also why is this not in Music Hall I have some investigating to do

okay it should be here: t/83356 but I don't have the time to assimilate the two and leave a window open for damage control right now
Pretty sure this thread predates the music hall.
by like five months, yeah. It should still be merged with that one in Music, since the focus is "Music" and the genre is video games
I'll just put down my own list here.

- The Touhou series, all by ZUN (and all on PC, pretty self explanatory here)
- Cave Story (PC)
- The Megaman series on the PS1 (not the older consoles)
- Grandia III (PS2) - The first battle theme is my personal favorite. Some of the other tracks are okay and some seem repetitive.
- Pokémon 1st Gen games (R/B/Y, all on GB)
- Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team (GBA/DS). The ones that has the 4th Gen Pokémon (Time/Darkness/Sky) has a more eerie atmosphere.
- Fast-paced music-rhythm game music like IIDX, DJMax, O2Jam (erm, my avatar), and DDR. Although I have to admit that I only like about half of the songs in the DJMax franchise.
- BMS of Fighters series

There's probably more I like but I'll just stop it right here for now.
Touhou. All of it.

Like some from AC series as well.
My favorite song is the first phase of Alex Kidd in shinoby world.
I will mention others such as radio 86.6 Game Battle Out Run, the songs 88, 8B and 8C in Game Bonanza Bros options. all game Golden Axe and all the play Cyber ​​Shinoby. (Only cited'' some'')
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