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Welcome to Video Game Music Mapping Contest
As the name suggest this contest is about Video Game music's. This contest will see mapper competing against other mappers mapping music that were heard in video game. This is because in the ranked/loved maps, Video game music, that aren’t heavily oriental styled, aren’t as popular and really aren’t shown up in mapper view, even though a lot of them can be mapped very well given the opportunity. So, I’ve decided that I would set up this tourney as a way to inspire both beginners and experience mappers to map more of the creative song in video games.
I will send out a list of music, that will be selected before the start date, with downloadable .osz files. These .osz files will have the correct song setup (i.e correct artist, song, source and tag), .osz file will be timed correctly to the best of my ability for all the BPM changes within the song. Once then the mapper who enter this will set out to complete their chosen map(s) that they must submit before the given time allocated otherwise it will not be counted. There will be 9 songs to which the mapper will chose from 3 on easy, 3 on normal and 3 on hard (I’ll explain these below). Mappers can choose any song from any category but can only submit one in each difficulty. After that the Judges will go through each submitted file along with the marking page, that will be given to them to use to mark each map. After all of that is done, I will round up the Judges marking and total those and will be able to list each map ranking from first to last with each comment shown for each diff. Then I will post the result in the original tourney post and begin giving out the prize within a 7-14 day period after the result (of any longer if stated).
The Songs
As you know this mapping tourney will have a different approach then the others in term of the way it is design and show it features. First of all, there are 9 songs to map. These songs are placed in 3 sections; Easy, Normal and Hard. Easy is the diff where the songs are normally well known, like mario, sonic, pac-man and so much more. These songs will generally have a simple BPM that isn’t too ecstatic (like a 270 BPM or 45 BPM). Song in this category would also have an easy flow of the music and a mapper can easily identify the main part of the music to map too. Also, song like this probably won’t have lyrics in the Video Game Song, If it does have lyrics, it should have the same flow as an original song (even if the lyrics cannot be read).

Normal is the next level of category that a song can be placed in. Songs placed in the normal category would have more of a unusual flow such as multiple BPMs, having a highlighted usage in a song( meaning using special type of notes like ghost notes for example). Maps may be in ⅓ ticks rather than ¼ tick or a combination of both, which easy songs would be unable to use. Also, lyrics being fully on or off in a song is an option for the category from this point on but song cannot use unnatural notes like having ⅙ hits or using even ⅛ hits, ¼ and ⅓ are more acceptable since mappers at this level will have at least experience this.

Hard, the final category, is where the final song will go. These song will challenge mappers who attempt to map these song. They don’t bound rules as much, the song may have constant changes in BPM, ticks or in style of music (in some cases). BPM here also will be very unusual, like 103.565 BPM, but may not be shown in the file. Also song dither on unusual ticks like have a section of ⅓ ⅙ or ⅛ and can have an unusual flow or flow has a harder degree of difficulty than the other songs placed at the lower categories. This mean song act similar to DnB tunes and have quite a lot of repetitive tunes. These song place in this category do come from older game where music have a lot more tunes and sections that are repeated. Mappers who attempt at this category are those who had experience with a lot of type of map’s degree (normal, slow, fast, wubs etc.) and would probably would like a challenge with these songs.

All the maps can be found here the song will be listed below.

Here are the songs listed in the easy category;
Splatoon 2 - Inkoming (Wet Floor) {BPM - 180}
LiitleBigPlanet - cornman {BPM - 121}
Super Meat Boy - It Ends {BPM - 113}
Here are the songs listed for the normal category;
Monopoly Tycoon (PC) - 1940's Music {BPM - 202}
Crash Bandicoot 1 - Slippery Climb {BPM - 140}
The Simpson Game - The Battle with Willam Shakespeare {BPM 126/103}
Here are the songs listed for the hard category;
Cuphead - High Sea Hi-Jinx {BPM - 140}
Need For Madness Two - Winds {BPM - 125}
Klonoa 2 - Volkies Song {BPM 200}
The Prizes are listed as follows;

The 1st place of each category will win 6 months of supporter (4 months for collabs and guest diffs)
The 2nd place of each category will win 4 months of supporter (2 months for collabs and guest diffs)
The 3rd place of each category will win 2 months of supporter (1 months for collabs and guest diffs)
1.Submissions must adhere to the Ranking Criteria or be in a state close to satisfying this condition through minor bending.

Custom hitsound samples and visual effect can be used if you wish, they will count to a very small amount of the marks.

Collaborations are allowed BUT only one collab per map. Prizes given out will only be a percentage of the total amount won respectfully. Also if the collab mapper entered another map and won will only get and extra month only for the collab map (If he doesn’t win the other map(s) he still get the percentage amount)
Winning for some who only collab multiple entries will be condition as well. The highest won support is kept the same and then after that each winning lowered by a small amount.

If not enough people of a gamemode map a song, no contest will be held for that particular song.

We reserve the right to change the map's background after it has been submitted.

The bounty is only awarded to maps that use the versions of the song announced in this post. Other versions are not accepted.

Submission will end on March 30th 2018 at 00:00 UTC. You can post them here

I need extra judges for this tourney and would like your help will this. If you like to help with the judging then please PM me exclaiming your intrest and show your avliablity using UTC timing. It would also help by stating all possible ways you can be contacted so I can have good communication with you.
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