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Type: Collab
Image Link: http://konachan.net/post/show/259452/2g ... ropomorphi
Size: Max..? Idk the normal u pick
Text: Yes, for names. the blackhair one Catninja, the white hair one MAU
Border: No
Animation: No
Shape: No shape this time
Extra: Really cute ♥ And remember to make the banner...? Please ;;

yuhaii- wrote:

@Jona, ur a loser

1. [img]https://myangel-emiya.s-ul.eu/rg0fyNRG.gif[/img]
2. [img]https://myangel-emiya.s-ul.eu/rWyIV41K.gif[/img]
you didn't specify a size, so i made it 623x192. hope you like it!

my photoshop legit crashed when i tried to animate thr first 2, im rlly sorry :<

internal border doesn't fit due to the way i edited it, and i was unable to animate it witht he buttons :< because i suck

P E N D I N G:
if you want any changes, feel free to poke me in pm~.
feel free to ask me for mutual, im a friendly person uwu

thank you so much x
Cancelled sorry c:
Cancel Order
Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I won't accept anymore requests UNTIL JUNE. I'll upload your requests in a few hours.(I'm in school) sorry for the wait.

yuhaii- wrote:

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I won't accept anymore requests UNTIL JUNE. I'll upload your requests in a few hours.(I'm in school) sorry for the wait.
Guess i won't be having new avatar till June♥

Good luck with that
Megumii, -Zilo-, My Angel United
closed until june sorry guys oAo
ayy finally ≧ω≦ , no problem thank you ❤
> I have nothing to do
> opened thread

sorry I lied to everybody I finished stuff before expected lol

huehue welcome back! I'm back with a requestttt
Type: Signature/Twitter Header/FB Header
Image Link: https://i.ppy.sh/d2d5b86d0c51b31febd014f030787b81a9726dd9/68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f646169717839482e6a7067
Size: Standard sizes please <3
Text: Yes : Luna (girl) Fwunky (boy)
Border: Internal or Dashed Lines pref
Animation: Yes please <3
Shape: Normal
Extra: can you add these gifs to the signature and FB header
https://data.whicdn.com/images/307846195/original.gif (on the girl's Side)
https://pa1.narvii.com/6715/4c6e81d7a5f2f5f642f40cf23a3cfe19881cb76e_hq.gif (on the guys side)
and for the And for the requests can you put this quote on the Girl's side (You're my wings right? If I'm with you, I can fly anywhere I want... We'll always be together right?)
And for the Guy's side (Zero Two. Together we are one.) make it cute please <3
Type: Avatar
Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/rpHEQh4.png
Size: 128x128
Text: Y/N : tfJace
Border: internal
Shape: Normal
Extra: Any you think would be god!
Hello elaine ! , first of all i love your work that's why i'm coming to you for a request :lol:

Type: User Banner
Image Link : https://princess-of-thorn.deviantart.co ... -617998491
Size: As you want
Text: Y : StoneSworder's Userpage
Border: Yes
Animation: Y : http://makotozz.tumblr.com/post/9420048 ... ng-cute-as
Shape: as you want
Extra: Have fun !

Thank you ! <3
Freyja Luna
twitter header still pending because I'm trying to edit it a little differently!
unanimated | animated (but the colors got messed up)
idk where to put the quote on this one...
please provide render next time you want a gif edit, render consume a lot of time :< also i hope you dont mind me changing the image
- - -
Just a seagull
idk how this is LOL, i hope you like it xd
i apologize very much about the long wait ..
pending: RJR-sama(signature), Tofu1222(b. banner), _myr17 (u. banner), Neitel (collab), creamypeachess (avatar), -S o l (avatar)
long list of pending sorry aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
thanks for requesting! feel free to ask me for mutual
feel free to pm me if you want changes to you request.
TY TY they're so cute <3 tysm
Hey I'd like to have a profile banner done :)

Image Link:Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/PuHO5VE.jpg
Size:The typical banner size (623x192 I think?)
Text: Y/N :Jas
Border:Yes (of your choosing)
Animation: N

Thanks in advance !!
Edit: Seems like the link wouldn't work, I uploaded the image to imgur , hope it works now :)
Type: Single Avatar
Image Link: https://bit.ly/2KkrhJh
Size: 200x200
Text: xWow
Border: Internal
Animation: N
Shape: Normal
Extra: Have fun with it. :)
Type: U. Banner
Image Link:https://imgur.com/a/4RUWmFX and https://imgur.com/a/1yPKhpF
Size: 623x192
Text: Welcome to tfJace's userpage!
Animation: Yes! Anything you think that would look good in it!
Extra: anything that you think that is good and make my name slowly fade in! Thank you so much <3
Thank you a lot ! There are just amazing ! <3
hii o/

Type: Avatar Collab and U.banner ?
Image Link: https://puu.sh/Alpfx/75041efa99.jpg
Size: avatar 128x128 and banner 625x195
Text: Y/N : YES, [right] Fadillsan , [left] atian540
Border: internal
Animation: N
Shape: normal
Extra: make it with kawaii text


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