SOFT3: osu!mania FFA Tournament - Winner: Lothus!

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The Group Stage will be taking place over the next two weekends. If you haven't already, please contact either myself, or juankristal, if you have any problems with availability.

Here's the Groups Stage schedule

Group Stage Pool]
sun3 - ApolloN (bbu2) [LeiN-'s 4K Hard] --
w_tre - Shannon's Theorem (hi19hi19) [Medium] --
Kelly Bailey - Hazardous Environments (Mage) [Hazard] --
So Sus + Konka - Acorn (TheToaphster) [Hard] --
Sakuraburst - Serotonin (Tantei B) [Transmission Problem [SV]] --
Vospi - Reverence (Side) [Hard] --
LukHash - GHOST TOWN (SitekX) [4k Hard] --
Phlogiston - Night Jam (Shoegazer) [Sleepless] --
REOL - YoiYoi Kokon (Couil) [Challenge: EASY] --
Tiebreaker: KikuoHana - Nobore! Susume! Takai Tou (Kuron-kun) [Eraser's Minaret] --
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Here's Round of 16 Schedule

Round of 16 Mappool:

fartwad - Stereo Sayan 3D (Valedict) [hi19hi19's Hard] --
Vertical Gizmo - Nigro (Xay) [Choof's 4k] --
Nobuo Uematsu - Someday the Dream Will End (Halogen-) [Final Farewell] --
Suimega - 365 UNITED STARS (Xay) [Xay's 4K] --
Assertive Fluttershy - Sorairo Days (IcyWorld) [Hard] --
Morimori Atsushi - MilK (Raveille) [MiLN] --
Hammer Switch - Lots of Spices (Couil) [SV Challenge] --
MYUKKE. - Shera (PiraTom) [VERMILION] --
Mili - Imagined Flight (juankristal) [Missing Piece] --
ZUN arr.Myon - Plastic Mind (Kuo Kyoka) [snover's Phantasm] --
ZUN remix by 44teru-k - Harutoman no Youkai Shoujo~VirusV (Wh1teh) [k] --
Tiebreaker - Helblinde - The Solace of Oblivion (lombit) [Oblivion] --
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Hey guys, here's the schedule and mappool for the Quarter Finals.

Here's the Quarter Finals Schedule

Quarter Finals Mappool:

Scatman John - Scatman (Gekido-) [It's a Scooby Dooby Melody] --
UNDEAD CORPORATION - Everything Will Freeze (Shoegazer) [Calamity] --
C-Show - On the FM (Raspberriel) [107.1 MHz] --
Jeff Allen ft. Noelle LeBlanc and Naoko Takamoto - Recession (Razzy) [Peel Back the Cover] --
U-F SEQUENCER - -273.15 FREEZING MAELSTROM -Rei- (Elekton) [cryo] --
OSTER project - EBONY & IVORY (Vortex-) [Cute Things] --
Pyramyth - Dolphin Talk (TheToaphster) [Echoes] --
EZFG - Glucagon (Wh1teh) [!!] --
wa. - Cerenkov Radiation (Elekton) [fluorescent] --
tarolabo X Gatsu Shizuku Rouman Eizou Seisaku Kurabu - Chikyuu Tou Devo^shon (Tidek) [Final Tower] --
Hommarju - Rock It (Mage) [aLNother] --
sakuraburst - anticrystal (Couil) [dusk] --
The Ghost of 3.13 - She's Haunting Me (Shoegazer) [Revenant] --
Tiebreaker: Ruby My Dear - Dreaming Tree (Chrubble) [Lucid] --
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Hey guys, here's the schedule and mappool for the Quarter Finals.

Here's the Quarter Finals Schedule

Quarter Finals Mappool:

Scatman John - Scatman (Gekido-) [It's a Scooby Dooby Melody] --
UNDEAD CORPORATION - Everything Will Freeze (Shoegazer) [Calamity] --
C-Show - On the FM (Raspberriel) [107.1 MHz] --
Jeff Allen ft. Noelle LeBlanc and Naoko Takamoto - Recession (Razzy) [Peel Back the Cover] --
U-F SEQUENCER - -273.15 FREEZING MAELSTROM -Rei- (Elekton) [cryo] --
OSTER project - EBONY & IVORY (Vortex-) [Cute Things] --
Pyramyth - Dolphin Talk (TheToaphster) [Echoes] --
EZFG - Glucagon (Wh1teh) [!!] --
wa. - Cerenkov Radiation (Elekton) [fluorescent] --
tarolabo X Gatsu Shizuku Rouman Eizou Seisaku Kurabu - Chikyuu Tou Devo^shon (Tidek) [Final Tower] --
Hommarju - Rock It (Mage) [aLNother] --
sakuraburst - anticrystal (Couil) [dusk] --
The Ghost of 3.13 - She's Haunting Me (Shoegazer) [Revenant] --
Tiebreaker: Ruby My Dear - Dreaming Tree (Chrubble) [Lucid] --
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There's only a few weeks left of the tournament now guys!

Here's the Semi Finals Schedule

Semi Finals Mappool:

Bibi - Cutie Panther (Momora EUROBEAT Remix) [Challenge] --
Dillinja and Skibadee vs. Damian Marley - Twist 'Em Out vs. Welcome to Jamrock (Anorable) [they call it murder] --
Masakariushi - Blinded By Light (Elekton) [revealed by dark] --
puru - Toki (maidable remix) (Shoegazer) [Eternal] --
Function Phantom - Euclid (juankristal) [Collab] --
polysha - The Golden Era (inteliser) [OVERFLOW [LN]] --
Camellia - Routing (TheToaphster) [Timeless Journey] --
amarazashi - Sora ni Utaeba (Gekido-) [Go Beyond!] --
The Algorithm - floating point (Drumcorps Remix) (Shoegazer) [Incomputable] --
DJ Noriken - #MAGiCVLGiRL_TRVP_B3VTZ (Zyph) [GVIL'Z_LNZ] --
Max Dragon - OMEGA (Guilhermeziat) [Terminal] --
Gram VS Camellia - Ragnarok (Curiossity) [Ragnarok] --
Tiebreaker: orangentle - HAELEQUIN -the faith of truth- (_underjoy) [Shattered Personality] --[/list][/box]
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Hey guys! The Grand Finals are this weekend!

Grand finals mappool:

Nero's Day at Disneyland - Beautiful Beachfront Properties (Guilhermeziat) [Beginner] --
Shiraishi - Murderous True Millennium Queen (Gekido-) [retsaM NL eurT] --
trapman featuring CreeperWorks - minefield surfing (Kamikaze) [UJ's 4K SPEEDTRAP] --
Camellia - Tornado (inteliser) [Devastation] --
LeaF - Shitsubou Choco (arcwinolivirus) [4K LN 'Imperial Chocolate'] --
PolyphonicBranch feat. un:c & Lon - C158H251N39O46S (beta-endorphin) (Guilhermeziat) [Skwid's Challenge] --
KikuoHana - Hibi Darake No Me (Gekido-) [Stabbing] --
Necrosy - Drown Into Perdition (Gekido-) [hi19hi19's Challenge] --
fripSide - infinite synthesis (_underjoy) [LN UNIVERSE] --
YZYX - Dysnomia(ShortVer.) (TheToaphster) [Oblivion] --
Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart (Guilhermeziat) [Anguish] --
ck - Carnation (ck remix) (Gekido-) [LN Master] --
Imperial Circus Dead Decadence - Shinbatsu o Tadori Kyo Kotsu ni Itaru (Guilhermeziat) [Evening's Till November Night] --
Rephaim - Lament Configuration (LovelySerenade) [] --
gems - Gems pack 13 - LN Master 5th (gemboyong) [69 :^ - Randy Mortimer, Penguin (Pinnacle Remix)] --
Camellia - Furry Cannon (Curiossity) [FINAL SVCRIFICE] --
As promised, here's the Official Arts (so far) of Juan Crystal, the tournament's "mascot" for this year!


OsuMe65 wrote:

As promised, here's the Official Arts (so far) of Juan Crystal, the tournament's "mascot" for this year!

OsuMe is the hero we need but don't deserve.
From the bottom of my heart,

Well, SOFT3 is finally over.

Congratulations Lothus for winning the Springtime osu!mania Free For All Tournament!

Unfortunatelly this year I didn't have the time that I would have wanted to dedicate to this tournament but I am very happy that the tournament was a success regardless of that. But that couldn't have been the case without the huge group of Staff members helping out with it. In fact, I wouldn't even consider myself to be the organizer of this tournament anymore, this guys are just all nuts!

Whether I do host the next edition of SOFT or not is still up in the air and it will likely be for at least some months. I imagine the people surrounding me during this long journeys will take the torch if needed. SOFT4 will indeed happen, it doesn't matter who is the host during that time, what matters is the spirit of the tournament to keep going.

Last year I took time to say a particular thank you to everyone in an exclusive post like this one and jesus we are a ton of people this time...

I already said thanks to all of you on stream, but I will repeat myself once more in a shorter way here.


-Konner- for being the second wheel whenever it was needed, to help me out organizing stuff on the earlier days and to take care of stuff when I wasn't around.

Shoegazer beside not being listed in here (what the actual FIRETRUCK) for being the madman behind all scenes during this tournament. Be it pushing people to do stuff they have to do, commentating, managing spreadsheets and stats and of course making sure all map pools were top notch in terms of quality as a map selector. You are one of, if not the biggest reason why this tournament managed to be as great as it was.

Gekido- and Guilhermeziat for dedicating so much time on crafting this great map pools during the whole tournament. A single paragraph is not enough for me to describe how thankful I am to have you around helping out here. I am happy with the results map pool wise and you are responsible of this. Working with you (the little times I had the time for) was fun and I hope you enjoyed it as well. Also Guil you are nuts jesus how do you map select for so many tournaments and you also commentate and you also metjhaetkaet3euioh6y3962612!512316

WalterToro for taking care of the wiki page and being the ABSOLUTE MADMAN that he always is when it comes to doing the referee job. Doesn't matter if its 5 AM or 5 PM he is always around for either this and the World Cups at the same time. You are awesome.

Halogen- for being the inspiration for this tournaments, the reason why this all existed in the first place. And for even doing his best to dedicate at least a bit of time to help out every now and then.

andreymc, Ciel, Hydria, SurfChu85, Steins, Raveille, Mathisca, MapleSyrup- and nonamegohst for being the manpower behind the huge work done ref-wise. You all did great, there were absolutely no complains and all because of your dedication and reliability. I am very glad to have such a team of great people helping out in what is, at least for me, a very important part for a tournament to be good.

Camopoltergeist and laughingcomet for being the gods of the streaming behind the tournament. Jesus, thank god you to exist. How do you even manage to keep up streaming for so long?! Let that answer be whatever you want to be but holy cow you both need to know that your work is not something anyone can do and I am super happy of you guys being able to pull it out. Covering matches for even more than 10 hours in a row is an absolute commitment and your dedication for this was so huge that you made it look like it was not even that big of a deal. Thank you so much.

shadowsnoop for being the BR partner that was there to help out literally everywhere. The brothers legion with Walter. You helped me out with the VODs, making sure to keep the streaming quality up whenever you had the chance to and even streaming yourself. You made sure the skin was done on time, you work well with others and you showed up when I needed you the most. Thanks bud.

Lusty Platypus, PotassiumF, stupud man and TheToaphster for helping out SO much in both fronts. Either World Cups or SOFT you were all playing in at least one of the tournaments while also helping out commentating each of them. That is something that noone would do normally yet you still dedicated all your time to help anywhere it was needed and you provided both tournaments with amazing no-stop commentary. You are all very good at what you do and you make a very good team, I hope to work with you guys again in the future, make that THOM cup or MWC4K.

Daikyi for your amazing puns. Literally you are one of the most funny guys I ever met. I know you didn't have as much time as you would have wanted to dedicate to this but let me tell you that I am extremely happy that you could find some time to help out when you actually had that time. You give that unique touch of yours to every stream you commentate and I am happy that SOFT didn't lose that this year.

Pope Gadget, Knif3rism, RemFangirl and Ruins for helping out in times of need. I know some of you had some issues at first but one way or another you managed to keep up and bring a helping hand whenever it was needed. That is exactly the spirit I wanted to see on this whole staff and you managed to deliver. Thanks for helping out this year again.

OsuMe65 for being again the main guy behind the graphics of SOFT. You provided yet again excelent ideas and very cool designs. A bit sad that you didn't have as much time as we hoped for so we had to stick with less stuff that we wanted but your touch was definetly there. Also please stop making random mascots that embarass people aaaaaaaaaaaaa (don't)

Valelup and aluuu for helping out OsuMe65 in different aspects and tunning up the skin when it was needed.

And of course, last but not least, thank you all the players and viewers to stick with us during this amazing journey once more. There were a lot of very insane matches and a lot of memories stored in my head now from this edition. We all do this for you and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Be that me or whoever it might, SOFT will be waiting for all of you next year. But for now, this is all I got.
I have the sharpest headache in the world, but I don't care.

I was the primary coordinator of the tournament (despite not being listed in the OP at all) in lieu of juan's occupation with the osu! World Cups. It was a nightmare every now and again, but the end product was more than rewarding when it came to fruition. I told the SOFT3 staff that I'll give each one individual thank yous for their hard work, but I wish that I could thank some of them with more than just a simple "thank you".

juankristal: I know that you feel pretty bad for not being able to organise the tournament as much as you wanted, but your participation in the back-end of the tournament was more than necessary. You were the person who prepared the meat of the timetables (the actual times) and the person who streamed/commentated when no one was actually available for either streaming or commentary. The tournament wouldn't go smoothly without your help, so I'm thankful for what you have done (even if it's something that you consider sparse at best). And of course, thank you for hosting the tournament.

-Konner-: I believe you were the person who organised the sign-up stage of the tournament, and sign-ups are typically a logistic nightmare. You did more refereeing later in the tournament, which was certainly well-needed in many stages of the tournament. Thank you for being a big help.

WalterToro: I want to say that you've refereed 50% of the matches in SOFT3? You certainly did the most amount of work out of everyone in the refereeing team, and I know that you had to juggle your work with MWC/TWC as well. You also set up the osu!wiki page for SOFT3 and did most of the announcements in the public Discord server, which is insane to me. Your work ethic is truly incredible, and you have been an absolute commodity to the team. You were among one of the most capable staff members in the team, and it has been great having you here. Best of luck with THOM Cup.

nonamegohst: Our ball of sunshine. I think you've refereed the second most matches in SOFT3, which is something that I didn't expect at all. Your personality has been a huge breath of fresh air, and it is truly nice to see someone who is so enthusiastic about the matches and being part of the tournament staff in general. Thank you very much for your participation in the staff.

SurfChu85: Making referee helpers is an absolute nightmare for me back in SOFT and SOFT2, and you did a fantastic job in making the referee helpers for the referees. Extra kudos for making the spreadsheets appear far better than just barebone monochromatic garble and implementing new features to the referee helpers to make the referee helper useful to the public. Your participation in refereeing is certainly not overlooked either, so thank you for that as well.

Hydria/MapleSyrup-/Raveille/Ciel/andreymc/Mathisca/Steins: Thank you all for refereeing matches when you guys are available. There were some slight hiccups, but I'm glad to see the tournament run as well as it did, and the smoothness of the tournament would not have been a thing without your help.

TheToaphster: Most of the matches took place in a time where almost every commentator wasn't available, and you were there to participate for almost all of those matches. That participation is beyond commendable, and the fact that you made so far into the tournament (so you had to practice the mappools and prepare for your matches) made it even nuttier to me. Your commentary was also great -- I'd say that you were up there with the best commentators in o!m -- which is always fantastic. I know that you have also made some charts for SOFT3 as well -- which is great. Thank you so much for what you have done for SOFT3, and congratulations on your 3rd place finish.

RemFangirl: I want to say that you commentated a good portion of the matches as well, even when it resulted in a messed-up sleeping schedule. Although you didn't ruin your sleep schedule just to commentate for SOFT (and I'd honestly hound at you for doing such a thing), your dedication to commentary was admirable. Thank you for your help.

Lusty Platypus/Knif3rism/stupud man: Thank you three for your active participation in the commentary booth; the tournament would not go anywhere as smoothly without you three. I know that Lusty and Elah were busy with MWC as well, so thank you for taking additional time off for this tourney. Extra thanks to Knif3rism for solo commentating a lot of matches in the early stages of the tournament.

Pope Gadget/Ruins/Daikyi/PotassiumF: You guys weren't able to commentate much for one reason or another, but I'm glad that you four decided to join us to commentate regardless. I think all four of you managed to commentate for certain matches where no one is available, so thank you very much for helping the staff out in times of need.


shadowsnoop/Camopoltergeist/laughingcomet: I would feel bad if I were to bring up a single outstanding person, so I'll group all three of you together. Given how few streamers we had, I was very worried that we would not be able to stream as many matches as we could have liked. However, these three did splendid jobs in ensuring that almost every match gets streamed. There were some moments where I was very worried because we didn't have any streamers available for a certain period, but one of you three managed to arrive at the nick of time (or even take time out of your sleeping schedule) to stream these matches. You three were among the most important members of the staff, and I cannot thank you three enough for being on the team.

Thanks to stupud man for taking up the role of a streamer in certain matches when we were completely unable to get any streamers as well. I hope you like the additional popularity that you've gotten from streaming Minisora vs. Panshow on your channel.

Mappool Selectors
Guilhermeziat: discrete memories suck, and you suck. You and Gekido- did a crazy amount of work on the mappools, and I'm glad to see the mappools being received primarily well. You also did a great job in making sure that the mappool notes were as informative as possible, and it astounds me that you were able to produce notes so quickly. Thank you for commentating for SOFT3 as well, you were one of the few commentators that we could primarily rely on for matches in certain timeslots.

Gekido-: I think you did most of the work for mappool selection out of everyone else here; you playtested through almost every chart, you made charts specifically for the tournament, you scourged through the depths of the osu!manian abyss to find appropriate charts deeper than anyone else, and you did a great job with mappool notes. Your participation is practically integral to the success of the tournament, and I'm very glad that you were able to put in this much work into the mappools. Thank you for being part of the staff team.

And, of course, thank you to all of the players and spectators of SOFT3 for your fervent participation. The tournament will not be anywhere as exciting, successful, and fantastic without all of you. Congratulations to Lothus again for your hard-fought victory as well. I'm unsure if there will be a SOFT4 happening, but I hope to see every one of you again when the time comes.

Also, watch Lothus vs. inteliser in the Finals stage if you haven't already. It will be the best osu!mania tournament match that you will ever see.
From: my lil sib
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