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Problem Details: Once in a while when opening osu, it will scale the resolution down for some unknown reason. My screens are 1920x1080 each and I'm only using one of them. Osu is always left at 1920x1080(native) in fullscreen mode. Sometimes it even invents new resolution that I have never made/would have any reason to. The only thing I've changed in .cfg file was custom framerate from 240 to 300. Reinstalling doesn't fix this. Repair doesn't fix this. One time it will load properly, the other, it will use only a certain screen size (I'm thinking about 1600x900'ish)

All drivers that I can think of (Intel, Nvidia, BIOS) are up to date.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
"Fullscreen" osu! (somewhat big img)

Screen is at 1920x1080, so is osu!
Newly invented resolution that only osu! uses (sometimes)(REALLY big image)

Once in a while it will invent a new custom resolution that I do not have and wouldn't create.

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
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