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Problem Details:
So I've been playing osu! for 4 years now and lately I have started using my mouse mat over my tablet to give myself more control and its working great. Only thing is as soon as I press down a little to hard the pen nib will dig into my mouse mat and create inconsistency in my movement. So I decided to take my pen nib out and it feels perfect on my mouse mat, not too slippery not too grippy, but for whatever reason as soon as the pen nib is removed I get a very noticeable input latency. I drag when I play so I'm guessing it has something to do with the pen nib being pressed in while playing creates a stronger connection between pen and tablet. Games says I have a 0.7ms delay and doesn't change when the nib is removed but there is a hugely noticeable difference, help would be much appreciated as this is a very odd issue.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
Which tablet do you use? Usually hovering is an issue for CTL-490 as the input lag is very noticeable there. If possible, try and use the older version of the tablet driver. The recent ones aren't really that good.
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