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Problem Details:
playing the game - sudden lag - fps down to 0 - blackscreen - game exited automatically without any crash reports or anything

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
there is no way to screenshot it, the screen just stopped during the game play for many songs (eg. the light, my love[from osu],unravel,tiem to say goodbye.....[from download beatmap])

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
Follow this guide to check to see if you have any crash logs in your event viewer. If you do, post them here.
sorry, i change my word, osu didn't crash and close, its screen freezes during the game and no music was all mixed up like a jumbo, and when the cracky song evetually finish, the screen went whole black. when i switch out to desktop and check my task manager, it said my osu! is still running smoothly instead of "waiting for responce".

and so as i have tried, the game didn't actually "crash" so there is no report in the win+r application thing.
Try updating or reinstalling your graphics drivers.

Restart your computer. Hold shift the next time you start osu! until a recovery window pops up and select "repair osu!"
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