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Problem Details:
when i go on it says im on the older version of osu i try to update it and i can not :(

and when i play i see different icons for bitmaps as well :?

osu! version: 20160403.6
If you are on the Stable mac release then your client is going to be locked in the older fallback build.

Venzire provided the solution to your beatmap icon problem in your other thread. You should be a little more patient next time and wait for a response in your original thread instead of creating a new one. I will leave this because it does include another question in addition to your original one. Here is the answer from the previous thread:

Venzire wrote:

The solution is to move or delete the osu!.db file in the game directory while the game is closed and then re-launch the game.

In osu!'s options menu there is a button you can press to open your osu! folder. Once you have the folder open, close osu! and located this file then move it delete it as stated above.
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