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Hi Osu community! , I have recently started to play osu. I am having improving, learning, and having fun :D

But I have an issue with my spinning. I struggle with spinner I can never get bonus points on 1000 on 1 star maps sometimes. I also come across some spinners that I cannot get any speed for some reason, but when I slow down and go anti-clockwise slowly it does something!!!( i spin clockwise).

I never released the hand skill needed to play osu. I think the problem is that I am left handed. My right hand doesn't have experience, control, and flexibility as my left hand.

Is my right and left hand not an issue??? and I just need training??


should I start learning with my left hand now before I hit a wall in my ability with my right hand

I would love any feedback

Thanks in advance uwu
you don't need to change how you spin. Use your hand that you're most comfortable with. There are some maps with spinner training. They should be easy to find
Don't worry much about spinning speed. I'm also left handed, but I play with my right. When I was at your level, my spins were so bad I wouldn't talk about it hehe. Keep on practicing and you'll get used to it. 1 tip I have for you is to try to keep as close to the middle as possible.
Whether you spin clockwise or anti-clockwise is preference.

1 map for spinnning: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/36323
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