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narakucrimson wrote:

[Niva's Normal]
  1. 00:10:792 (5) - The curvature on this feels kinda weird... I get that you were trying to interpretate a change in the music, but I guess it's already done by the position of the start of the slider, which cuts the "natural" flow of the pattern (straight). I'd suggest this: Done
    Or something alike. It's just a tiny detail, so you can just skip this if you don't agree. (Also you avoid a rather ugly overlap :3)
  2. 01:12:288 (1) - Finish, as suggested in Vass' Easy. Try using low volume.
  3. 02:39:283 (1) - Again, I suggest using a finish with low volume~ Done both~
  4. 03:39:279 (1) - This is extreeeemely picky but can you make the end and start not touch themselves? Really, it's the only thing I can say about such a nice slider. Yep
  5. 03:51:278 (1) - This looks a bit pointy over here (idk if that was the word):

    I'd try to make it a little smoother, as I'm really picky with sliders. Try something like this: Fixed~ I'll use this technique next time I create sliders like this (:

My fix, thanks naraku~

(I'm still learning slider art orz >_<)

Download: Aya - OVER NIGHT (IceBeam) [Niva's Normal].osu
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narakucrimson wrote:



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  1. Wikipedia kind of states that the name of the artist goes in capitals (AYA), and that the name of the song only has the first letters as capitals (Over Night).
    You might want to double check this (or tell me if you did) as I know that Wikipedia might not be such a reliable source.okay!
  2. Displaying the Letterboxes during breaks doesn't look really bad, in fact, I like it! I don't wanna force this on you so I'm just mentioning it!
  3. It's always a good idea toreduce the SB load to the minimum possible. In this case, the Black image could be easily replaced by a simple fade of the background image. This way, you'll be saving some SB load (x1,0), and saving some minimum file size as a plus.
    Can you do that?
I'll try ;~;

[Vass' Easy]
  1. 01:12:288 (1) - This slider end need a soft finish with low volume imo. It's totally in the music, so it totally fits. I suggest the same for the other difficulties, too! 'kay!
  2. 02:39:283 (1) - (^) 'kay!
  3. 02:41:533 (1) - Just an impression here, but the way you started the previous chorus felt more accord (if that's the word) with the music. The circle previous to the slider was clearly different from the next slider, making that a good transition between "moments". Maybe I'm pushing it too hard, but I'd rather have you change this to something similar to the other kiai. If you don't mind :Dtotally agree,fixed
  4. 04:21:276 (1) - Well I might be a little annoying, but can you make this symmetrical? xD You can do this easily by using the Ctrl + H too and seeing which slider points move. idk if I made it symmertical,but looks a little better now I think xD

  1. 00:04:417 (4) - Having a x1,89 jump right at the start of the map isn't the best idea... I'd rather see it closer to the previous slider, so that the player gets the feeling of the beats and spacing easier. reduced a little
  2. 00:23:541 (1,2,3,4,1) - Just a quick note here, I rotated this just to check if it was a "perfect" pentagon, and it was a little off. Just a little. I don't think it's worth fixing (but you can do it if you want!), but for the next time, if you didn't use the rotation tool, I suggest doing so. It's really useful! tried to improve,but did it only worse,so left :p
  3. 01:09:382 (1) - Well, you already have a finish here, but I almost didn't hear it. Can you raise the volume a tad? hm..I didn't raise volume more than 60% through the map and I hear it clearly,probably it just fits so much? xD
  4. 02:36:377 (1) - (^) And change it for a finish this time :Phm,I'm sorry? there's a finish already :o
  5. 03:38:529 (8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) - I'd change the curvature of this. The way in which this connects with the slider is kinda awkward as you have to change directions suddenly. I feel it's not comfortable, and it's not hard to change. Would you :D? hope it's better now!
  6. 03:51:278 (1) - Nice slider, but I'd flip it vertically for reasons similar to the ones stated above - by doing this, you avoid a sudden change in spacing, and at least in my opinion this would feel more comfortable. You may as well reorder the patterns after the slider. hm,tried,but I think I'll leave it if possible :( ..I don't think spacing is a big problem because of previous increasing square jumps and it flows in same direction

It's a very well constructed mapset, and it gets the right feeling of the song. Congratulations for that!
That's all for me. Sorry if I was too picky!
Call me back after you check my mod, a forum pm would be good since I'm not usually online nowdays :/
thanks for mod,there were really nice catches!
gotta try to fix sb for now
Fixing the sb thing is not hard, I did it for you:
With that you should be able to delete the black image on the folder. Check if it works, just in case :D

EDIT: I fixed the stuff you asked via pm, this is the new version:

Download: Aya - OVER NIGHT (IceBeam).osb

Also, to Niva, your sliders were good, so you're on the right way! :D
Sorry Mr Sashka, i can't give you a bubble, cuz one of your images (yup.png) has size more than 1Mb. Recompress it into *.jpg for saving some space and i'll rebubble.

Edit : Rebubbled!
Very well! Everything seems to be in order now, so let's say this is officially ranked now!
Awesome! Gratz!Лейдзи, чтобы первое место заняла!
Really great map, congrats!
Minty Gum
Map is very nice. I think you're one of my new favorite mappers ☺
Nice colorhax; moved the title text to the first break since I felt that it fit much better there.
congratz ^^
grats \:3/
gratz~ :3
Hitomi May
Поздравляю :3
dfjskajdfajs <3
поздравляю, айсбим и василиса :3
and i congratulate u too, niva ~

теперь, бим, зальёшь новую, я так понимаю?
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thanks naraku,Aleks,everyone
Еще раз спасибо, Саша
И поздравляю :3
айсбим и василиса :3
good map and style. 10/10
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