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Hello dear Community,

im still quite new to this game and I have a few questions. I hope someone can help me.

1: What do the different types of beatmaps mean? For example ranked, loved and graveyard

2: Is there a way to only play a certain part of the level? My problem is, that at one beatmap which im currently trying to beat there is a really mean part. The thing is, that that part is at the very end. Is there a way to practice this part without repeating the whole level?

3: Where can i see how many tries i needed after i beat a map?

hi :3

1: All Maps are unranked but if you get some mods you can push your map into ranked state (means the map will give up and has leaderboards). Loved maps are maps which are loved by the community and most likely unrankable (against criteria to rank a map). Graveyarded maps are just unranked maps which didn't get updated by the creator for 4 weeks or more

2: Two options: Take NoFail or go into the editor, press F5 and practice the part in the testplay mode.

3: kannst du die Frage mal auf deutsch beschreiben? verstehe die nicht so ganz D:
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