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Problem Details:For some beatmaps it resets or lags the bar or some shit then the circles are further then the song aka the song is not matching the circles aka the timing got fucked up
i need help since i can barely play properly :c

and also i'm talking about the life bar
and when it does the lag thing it only lags the bar and the circles

Video or screenshot showing the problem:i don't think people can see that

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
Does this happen during the song? or just at the start? If it's just the start, make sure your universal offset is 0 in the options menu.
It's at the start
but not at the very very start though
it's when the the first circle or slider or spinner is triggered
or if there's nothing
aka in 2 or 3 seconds
It fixed it
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