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HOLY SHIT WHY THE FUCK IS IT SO HARD TO INSTALL BEAT MAP PACKS, I DOWNLOADED THE PACK AND WHENEVER I TRY TO EXTRACT IT TO DOWNLOADS LIKE MANY VIDEOS SAID TO DO IT LITERALLY DOES NOTHING, fuck this weeb community. I played osu as a newb casual on my laptop. AND EVEN THEN IT WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS. now I just downloaded it on my new desktop. BUT WHY THE FUCK DOES IT HAVE TO BE THE MOST ASS BACKWARDS SYSTEM TO DOWNLOAD SOME STUPID MAPS. can a dev or some kind soul please guide me through this cause I just wanna play some songs. whenever I try to extract it to downloads it legitimately does nothing. I know that afterwards all i have to do is drag it to the games song folder but for some reason these stupid files don't wanna extract like they are supposed to. I legit scratched my head so hard in anger that my fucking head started to bleed so if someone can help me I might consider giving this another try.
You can extract the files directly into your osu!\Songs folder, you don't need to extract them into Downloads and then drag them in. All of the .osz files should be sitting in the folder like this (the file icons will probably look different for you):

Once you have done that you can go back into your client and open up the song selection screen. The game should automatically start processing your beatmaps, if it does not, hit F5. You should see this:

Alternatively, you can extract all of the osz files to another folder on your computer and load each of them individually into the game by dragging them into the osu! window or double clicking on them. You can also drag all of the files into the osu! window at the same time.
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