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This queue is to check skins for completion. Once a skin is checked it will get moved to the completed skins subforum and added to the compendium, unless it doesn't meet the requirements
Please only comment here to submit a skin, for questions and suggestions send me a message.

If you have problems commenting, go to the new forum. Its a bug on the old forum with pinned posts.

Comment in the following format:
Skin name: [url=thread link]skin name[/url]
Game modes skinned:

  1. one gamemode and/or the menu needs to be skinned
  2. there shouldn't be any fixable bugs
  3. there shouldn't be any obvious editing mistakes
  4. a consistent theme is suggested
Skin name: Armageddonia
Game modes skinned:
Skin name: PieknyKrajPolska
Game modes skinned:
Skin name: Clear Futuristic Miku
Game modes skinned:
Skin Name: NeOsu Reloaded!! Fan Remix
Game Modes Skinned: Standard (Mania is unchanged from base)
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