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So i recently buy this tablet and installed all the proper drivers and configured them ( first time with a tablet :) ) without touching the active area because its small enough, however i forced with my aspect ratio 16:9 because i have a 1920x1080p screen, well, now im finding that i cant reach easyly the corners of the screen with a 1x sensivility (default), also, i find that i need to move alot my hand to reach far and fast notes and its pretty annoying and dificult, so i just put 1.5x sensivility ingame and now i can reach pretty well all the corners & the far and fast notes, the question is, its really a good fix ? or it will affect negativily for a begginer osu tablet user

PD: i dont want to touch the working area of the tablet or the screen resolution, also playing on windows 10 and the latest osu (stable).
If there a particular reason you do not want to change the active area of your tablet? Most tablet players will decrease the size of it rather than increasing sensitivity in game.
well ... yes, in the latest driver for my tablet i cant change manually the size of the active area (with values i mean) you need to drag with the mouse and it's pretty inaccurate.

PD: after playing around 1h with 1.5x i can tell you that im improving pretty well so ... i think that this config is doing well for me
download the latest driver (december 29.2017) here

choose Artist13.3, Star 06, 05, G540 & G430 driver for Win driver
disable antivirus before downloading

now after installing, open it (the icon) at the taskbar... change "absolute mode" to "relative mode"
then open osu
go to option ---> input
tick Raw Input and Map Absolute Raw
then calibrate your mouse sensitivity
mine is 3.0x

dont forget to disable mouse buttons while playing, press F10

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