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Henlo People, New Poster here,

So yesterday I turned on my PC, hyped up to play some osu and Bancho was like, NOPE boi the H E C C you say? I AM DISCONNECTING U ASAP ROCKY!
Popped up the message, "Connection failed. Retrying in 30 seconds" and then after 3 retries or so, "Connection failed. Will keep retrying" :o
I have no idea what the frick to do anymore.

Stuff I ALREADY tried:
Restarting... Like 20 times alredy;
Downloading an old osu installer and reinstalling the newest one;
Using random VPNs;
Removing DNS;
Regedit tweaking;
Using rss servers (They worked, until today, and my frustration reached max limits);
Killing myself

None of the fixes here worked, unfortunately!!

Somebody please help me, or I will commit sudoku soon. :cry:

Screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
Tried restarting your Router or modem ;p

It's also possible it's a temporary routing issue with your ISP. Would also be good to make sure nothing is being blocked in your firewall.
Alredy tried restarting my router and switching my Ethernet cable, that did not work. And I am not sure about what I have to search in the firewall premissions/restrictions section, because I tried typing peppy or osu and nothing popped up.
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