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Problem Details:
I was downloading some maps and for some reason the amount of beatmaps I had went from 53k+ to only 20k so I reprocessed every map. The paragraph in red about a change detected in the folder or something showed up and I pressed F5 to reprocess the maps. After I did that, all of my maps came back but all of my local scores are gone.

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
The only bak file I have in the folder is osu!.db.636506271355315736.bak and renaming it to scores.db does not help.
When I took my original scores.db out of the folder, then opened osu!, then closed it again and put in back my scores.db, the local scores are still gone.
My collections are still there though.

I renamed scores.db.636506760005651166.bak to scores.db and my replays still did not appear but a scores.db.636506762339870783.bak showed up with the same modified date as the other 2 bak files. I'm so lost.
Please help. :\
I have the exact same problem, pls help :/
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