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So basically, I've followed the steps in the thread about the "submitting a beatmap that isn't yours" bug, but it still won't let me upload my difficulty.

Context to my situation, I've remapped a section of my map and uploaded it, but forgot to backup my original version (before I remapped a section) so I can have both versions for comparison. Luckily, a friend had my update of the map before I changed that section, so I asked him to send it to me. I took the difficulty from the osz he sent me of my own map and placed it in the folder my current copy of my beatmap for uploading.

Now, I'm able to proceed with the upload process.

But when just as it is about to finish the process, it updates one of the beatmap difficulties (the one I've been editing) and not uploading the older version, or the one I dropped into my beatmap folder (the one I got from my friend that is an older copy of my beatmap).

What should I do next to try and fix this?
osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
Set BeatmapID and BeatmapSetID to -1

Make sure the creator is your exact username for each .osu in the map directory.

You may have to delete or move other versions of the map to make sure it uploads successfully.

Keep in mind that the file metadata has to be consistent throughout each .osu in the map directory, since submission will update the entire map.

Yay, so it worked! Changing both BeatmapID and the SetID to -1 did let me upload finally. The meta data was both the same excluding the ID and SetID which were different, not sure if that matters because I was changing those fields anyways, but thank you!
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