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Some mods that are meant to make a map more difficult or easy do the opposite for some people. Like with the EZ mod, the slow AR and gigantic circles makes it actually harder for a bunch of players, the nightcore/DT mod can make songs easier for some people who don't like certain slow songs (which is cool but if you're wanting a challenge not really), the HR can make songs easier on maps with slow AR and big circles (not really a big deal), and other mods might do the same as well kinda. Anyways, where I'm going with this is, why not have some options to customize these mods in the osu! settings?
No, I'm not asking for an option to ridiculously change up mods like 0.25x speed for HT or anything, but I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a feature to customize them with limits that wouldn't break the game or anything. (examples below)
Examples of mod customization and limits
EZ - Can be customized to have AR from its original to 10 since on some maps with a lot of circles low AR will make it harder as stated before.
DT - Not that good of an idea, but possible triple time for the people who want to go to an extra level.
FL - Area of the light could be reduced but not increased possibly.
HR - Circle size can be decreased but not increased, AR can be the same. This wouldn't work well with numbers as beatmaps have different AR and CS, so it would probably be good to be a percentage (of the original maps ARs and CSs) or something if this is ever implemented.

You get the gist, you could make easy mods have more difficult settings to be customizable to your preferences and skills and you can make hard mods harder as well for the same reason.
I don't know how score multipliers would work with this, but considering it would probably be used as adaptation to the players' skill and wouldn't necessarily make it easier or harder than the original unchanged mod itself I think a lot of the mods should stay the same for that.
I think it would be a good idea to give players a better experience with mods and I hope it (or a variant of this idea) can possibly be considered. :P
I think for mods it is only really feasible to have them standardized because, as you stated, multipliers wold be difficult to determine
If this wouldn't be possible or anything, could a minimum CS and AR and OD setting possibly be added for a very very similar purpose?
Figuring out proper pp scaling for customizable mods would be impossible. I could see this being a decent addition for unranked play, but not for ranked.

Saltssaumure wrote:

Figuring out proper pp scaling for customizable mods would be impossible. I could see this being a decent addition for unranked play, but not for ranked.
I think if it were added the pp could be the same for everything in the difficulty reduction and special category, but the difficulty increase could be multiplied very slightly based on the added difficulty in total that osu! would calculate and put in as a number, I guess. If it was ever added, which it probably won't be considering this problem with calculations being hard to figure out, it should be unranked and in testing mode for a while and then Peppy and the team should decide with the input of everyone else for ideas.
If this idea simply isn't possible without it being too much work and calculations I hope minimum AR and CS for mods could become a thing at least, or perhaps some new mods.
EZ/HR - t/141204
HT/DT - t/103530
FL - FL is supposed to be a memorization mod so idk about making it customizable
I think it would be great if they let us test this feature out by making all non standard mods ( customized mods ) unranked.
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