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Hey guys, my ''name'' is Untitled and have been playing rhythm games since I was 7.

I'm 18 years old and come from the Netherlands, my main focus on this game is to get decent/well in every game-mode osu! has to offer.

I started playing osu!mania when I came here because I used to play loads of Sound Voltex whenever I'd visit Indonesia, but realized that there's more game modes to try out; I tried out my luck on Catch the Beat and osu!std, surprisingly I hit on immediately.

I also (fairly) know my way around computer problems, since I used to(still) use crap components and run into problems every now so often, so if I see any problems on the Help forum that I've had; I don't hesitate to aid you, so you can have a great experience on osu!. You can also (if I'm not busy) just DM me on osu! and ask the problem directly, and I'll try to help you with everything I know.

My goal by the end of 2018 is being at least a 4-digit player on one/multiple gamemode(s)

I hope the community treats me well, and I hope I'll soon become a honored/well-known player in the community!
well i'll be doggoned
a ctb/mania/std player
hi there im keremal welcome to the forums
Well I know a guy who’s good at multi-gamemoding, his name is Edgar_Figaro

PM him later, after I give you a pat on the back as a welcome
Welcome to osu and the community! I hope youll get aalong here very well C:
Multi-mode player also here o/
Sweet a person who aims to be a multi-mode player from the start.
Welcome to osu! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
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