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Did you like my Smash Bros.-esque entrance? It's nothing special really, but I thought that I might as well make one of these introductions. So, hi!
My name is Scioness, and I've used that gamer name for about a year now. Also a year ago, I first downloaded osu! and made an account. I deleted it because I raged too hard, but recently I noticed the more creative side of the game, and that's what drove me back here. And I must say, I'm liking my time so far. I mainly hail from another rhythm game called Geometry Dash, and that's where I get a lot of my music taste from. One of the main things I hope to accomplish in this community is making a new friend or two, and I think I'm a relatively friendly person, so...just throwing that out there...hehe.
Oh no, am I making this too long? Here, let me transition into some bullet points:

  1. I'm in the 8th grade (American system), and right now I'm scared as heck for high school. I can barely have a good time in middle school, so I'm afraid I'll be isolated.
  2. I'm not a cat or dog person; frankly, I don't have any pets.
  3. I'm quite active on Discord (Scioness#4925 hmu)
  4. Some of my hobbies include staying in my room by myself, and eating.
  5. Right now, I want to be a teacher as an occupation when I become an adult.
  6. I'm also a percussionist, including piano.

Thanks for hearing me out, and I hope I can be a welcome addition in this awesome world!
Welcome to the forums! I hope youll have fun playing osu! as well! owo;;
Crap, maybe I shouldn’t have quit playing piano uwu
But I must warn you there’s a lot of J and K-stuff on here
Thanks for the welcome guys. And don't worry, I'm prepared.
hi, im keremal
welcome to the forums
sorry for my stale-state grammar, im not very great with communications
8th grade is decent, not as fun as 9th. high school isn't really as scary as people make it to be. they all say that you need to turn in every assignment on-time, but really that's just to teach you responsibility. trust me, you won't need that much until you get a job, which is around 16. people just want to instill responsibility into you at an early stage so that you know what it's like before you do it.
i would hit you up on discord, but im dead as of right now.
percussion and piano is good for osu!, there's game modes for that (taiko and mania). you can probably pick it up easily, to be honest. the only probably confusing part is the sliders on mania.
good luck in the game, and try not to rage again! XD
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