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Ascendance's Ultimate osu!catch Mapping Contest I

January-February 2018


Discord Link: https://discord.gg/hacdQgF
Contest .osz Post: p/6440486


Happy New Year's (Eve) day before New Year's Eve to everyone! If you're reading this, you've obviously been intrigued by something, whether it be a potentially new drama-filled post by me or finally something incredibly useful. I'm pleased to announced it is the latter! I'm happy to present something I've been working on for a while - A mapping contest that will hopefully span the test of time and succeed where other have failed. As someone who has entered in, judged, and created osu!catch contests for the past 2 years, I've noticed where certain aspects of the system fail, and that's why I've made an attempt here to perfect that. My goal here is to find the next S-Tier mapper find the heir to my american mapping throne promote competition between experienced mappers as well as create a valuable experience for new mappers to show their skills in a bigger way. A lot of new mappers struggle to create that breakout mapset that helps them become well-known in the community, and there isn't many chances for them to show that, but that's enough of the brief stuff, let's get down to business.

The Schedule

  1. December 30 2017: Announcement and judge recruitment / supporter donations
  2. January 6, 2018: Song selection and rule change cutoff
  3. January 7, 2018: .osz release
  4. January 7 - January 28, 2018: Mapping Phase
  5. January 28, 2018 - February 17, 2018: Judging Phase
  6. February 18, 2018: Winner announced

The Format

Well Ascendance, what the hell is goin' on around here, I'm not quite sure I follow! How can a new mapper stand up against an experienced mapper in a contest?

Well never fear friends! In this contest, there'll be two "divisions" of judging - new mapper, or the Novice category, and experienced mapper, or the Expert category. These two categories will allow mappers to square up against people of similar abilities to them and test their limits in a way that won't make them discouraged.

For people in the Expert category, you won't need to worry. Novice category mappers will not be able to win the same prizes as the higher echelons of competition, simply because it wouldn't be fair. We aren't undervaluing the newer mappers, but rather promoting mappers to aim for the top in the highest level of mapping.

To qualify as a Novice, you need to fit the following criteria. Breaking any of these criteria will cause you to be moved into the Expert category:

  1. No Ranked Map
  2. No Ranked Guest Difficulties
  3. Under 40 submitted osu!catch mapsets
  4. Cannot be a Beatmap Nominator (Added 12/30/2017, sorry Electoz)

The prizes are as follows:


1st place: Profile Badge (tentative), 3mo Supporter Tag, BN assistance in the ranking of the map (help plz)
2nd place: 2mo Supporter Tag
3rd place: 1mo Supporter Tag


1st place: Profile Badge (tentative) 2mo Supporter Tag, Additional assistance through the ranking process
2nd place: 1mo Supporter Tag

In addition to the above, the winning mapsets are encouraged, but not obligated, to incorporate other contest entries into their mapset to showcase the best that the contest has to offer!

Judging Criteria

  • Judges will first be voting individually based on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity (10 points) - The creative portion of your difficulty. This can come down to simple things such as aesthetics, or something more advanced such as an overall theme or unique patterning.
  2. Structure (10 points) - Did your map fit together well or did it feel random? Are the ideas you introduce consistent throughout the entirety of the map?
  3. Expression (10 points) - How accurately does the difficulty of the map represent the song? Points in this category are awarded based on the cohesiveness of the difficulty as a whole, as well as determining if your map fits the song at all stages.
  4. Hitsounding (3 points) - Does the hitsounding of your map make sense? Does it add or detract from the difficutly and do the various settings make sense (samplesets, volumes, etc)?
  5. Judge's Opinion (7 points) - This category is based on the judge's personal opinion of your difficulty. There is no innate criteria for it, but the judge may have their own personal criteria to fit the 7 points.

    Following this judging, the panel will get together as a team and judge based on a final criteria:

  6. Team Opinion (10 points) - The panel's discussion will determine a final distribution of up to 10 points for a total of 50. This category will focus less on a judge's personal opinions and more on the opinions of the group as a collective.


Registering to participate:

  1. Registration is not directly needed. Registration will be automatic after you send the entries to Ascendance via Forum PM.

Mapset Criteria

  1. Maps will consist of 1 difficulty of ANY level, but be reasonable. Lower difficulties will not score as many points as generous attempts at higher difficulties. (Platter and above is recommended. With the winning mapset, staff members will be willing to fill out the lower difficulties of the set before it is pushed for rank, if the mapper desires). Example set - The top diffs are all other participant's entries, the other diffs are filled by the winner's friends and staff members.
  2. Submissions with more than 1 difficulty submitted will have only the highest difficulty judged.
  3. Maps are allowed only to use default hitsounds. No additional custom sets will be allowed, and the presence of custom sets will detract from score.
  4. Maps are to be submitted through .osu format only. This means storyboards and custom backgrounds will not be permitted until the contest ends.
  5. Mapsets cannot be submitted until the winner of the contest is announced. Submitting your mapset or sharing your entry with any other participant is grounds for a disqualification.
  6. Mapsets submitted past the cutoff date (UTC+0) will not be accepted whatsoever.


Organizer: Ascendance
Assistant: Riari
Judges: Absolute Zero | alienflybot | -Plus- | ZiRoX | Deif | Kurokami | Electoz | Riari
Supporter Donators: Californian | Paranoid Grapes
Please support, I'm a poor college student with not enough money to pay this much

PM Ascendance with any questions you may have <:
owo whats this
Hey, that's pretty good
elite mapper
what's this owo
The discord server for this event can be found at the top of the post or here: https://discord.gg/hacdQgF

hi im very noob >_<
can I design my own winner's badge pls?
I wanna be in the thot category so I can fight it out against other thots
I suck way too much to be Expert :(
Pretentious title is pretentious

Zenmetsu wrote:

Pretentious title is pretentious
??? ok

nice userpage btw
When contest map ranked,it means more contributions?
I hope everyone who interested would like to join it too? :)
Lets Go 2018 !!
Too many Englishes so I cant read
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