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Well then I saw that they had asked for it full of times,
But I did not see anyone writing it that way
Once you click on "SKINS"
There will also be standard skins + zip
For example in \ osu! \ Skins folder
It would be possible to put two things
.zip files and regular skins (folders)
Now, whatever happens in Zip files (with custom name)
This is some skins you want. For example, you want skins only for OSU! MANIA
Then they will open a Zip file that will be called mania skins and put the skins you want
Then in the game itself as soon as they click on the "skins"
This will show the skins in the skins folder
As well as the ZIP file in the name we determined
And once we click on it, we'll only see the skins we put there
Besides it will also help players to give their skins folder to others,
Then to the people who download the skin folder
It will be easier to access the other player's skins.
I have another example, lets say someone has a lot of skins, and out of all of those skins he wants to use one of cookiezi's skins, so he opens a RAR file puts the skin folder inside and then in the game he'll have a file called "cookiezi" iwhich wiill have all of his cookiezi skins

*Plus, I have another idea, there should be a feature that lets you select a skin for each game mode, and then when you switch to a certain mode it will automatically switch the skin for you*

I can give a really good example to illustrate the idea
But there's another game I do not want
 Write his name because I think it is forbidden

zip - winrar
this is genuinely a good idea imo. then you would be able to sort all your skins into different categories and not have a separate folder for skins that you don't use that often (that's what I do xd)
You don't really need ZIP files for something like this, I don't see how this is any different than this: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/376550
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