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The current Hungarian translation is out of date and just plain bad in a lot of places.
Two examples for these respectively would be that the Main Menu isn't translated at all, and the "Show beatmaps from" slider barely gets enough space.

I would like to redo this translation from the ground up, and if the old translator really doesn't care about the project anymore, become the new maintainer. When time comes, I'll gladly do the translation for osu!laser as well. Seeing as how the new site has language options, I can do that too.
You can contribute by helping out in the osu! localization project

To my knowledge though, it hasn't been updated in a while like you said. But it's possible a better newer translation exists in that document, but it just hasn't been pushed yet. So please read and check.

I also believe it most likely won't be updated for this client again, so might have to wait awhile to see the effects take place.
Hmm... Yes, it seems the translation is maintained. I'd still redo it, but if there's someone else already maintaining it, I'm not gonna just butt in.
*reads through latest contributions*
Although this person doesn't seem know much about \n or grammar... *sigh*
Not just "one person" is designated to do a language. Feel free to contribute if you believe it can be improved. Obviously don't start changing things, just make adjustments for grammar / accuracy to the original text.

If of course you are confident in your languages ability ;)
smileyhead, are you talking about me, but around a year back? Cause then my grammar was complete utter dungshit. And looking at my old posts, just kinda makes me cringe.

Honestly, I have no idea who I'm talking about. I couldn't find any mentions or credits.
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