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so ummm hi kind of felt like doing something odd for the subject.

If you couldn't tell i'm new, mostly play osu!mania earlier I got my first A rank and just...... kind of made me feel like introducing myself. So hi.... again to the forum please treat me kindly i'm not great with people.
Hi! And welcome to the forum! and the game of course XD

Don't worry cause almost all user in here is nice
And there are some serious type too but they actually not bad
You will get used to it :) even if there is some meanie here
Just ignore them

Well, good luck and don't forget to enjoy the game :)
meanie? :thinking:

ot: Welcome to the forum (and the game).
I hope you enjoy your stay here! ^^ o/
*go! DJ Enetro!*

oh well, you took a lot of what i wanted to say from my throat.
I'm not great with anyone either, so don't worry
*nuzzles your cheek*
Hello there!

i dont like being around people sometimes... eh. I guess its somewhat relatable.

welcome to the forums o/
go! shedinja! use double team!
hi im keremal, if you can't tell, im also a pokemon dweeb. mania is a good gamemode, i would reccomend using metanoia if you can't really see the keys if you're still using the default. it takes some getting used to, but it's a great skin for 4k-7k. 8k and 9k it gets a little weird.
welcome to the forums, and welcome to osu!
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