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Problem Details:The game doesnt display properly if the resolution set is smaller than my screen resolution

still an issue if i change my screen to 1080p and set the game to display 1080p

Using a 4k monitor

Also the game seems to have an insane amount of latency if i run it in borderless/windowed or even in fullscreen if the resolution is lower than my display(doesn't show on the fps counter but it definitively feels as if i get 300ms+ of latency) making ctb unplayable. i get 0.38ms normally.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20171227cuttingedge
What graphics card are you using?

Try updating or reinstalling your graphics drivers.
using a gtx 1080ti, drivers are up to date
Do you have multiple monitors?
Yes, 3 set up as follows

Does unplugging them fix the issue?

Apparently someone was also able to temporarily fix this issue by duplicating their displays instead of extending them.
both displays disconnected, no change whatsoever to both issues
Got some more info on this

All test were done on my 3840x2160 display

(No imput lag) setting scaling at 100% makes the game display at a resolution of 4800x2700(wtf even is this resolution) and takes 100% of the screen wich makes everything scale down making everything unreadable for me behind the screen https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/9985603

(No input lag) setting my display scaling at 125% makes the game display normally in 3840x2160

Setting scaling at 150% breaks everything

(unplayable input lag)Setting scaling at 175% makes 1080p stretch and take the whole screen(as it should work normally in fullscreen but doesnt for some unknown reason)
Scaling issues have been solved, i personally have no idea what fixed it though.
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