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Current Priority: +0
I've had thoughts about this for a while. What new game play mechanics could you possibly add to the standard mode that wouldn't immediately feel out of place? It's very difficult due to the simplistic nature of the game. Variable CS and AR immediately come to mind but how would you justify it? Why I want these is because they create new ways of expressing music with beatmaps. Ways that just are not substitutable with any of the current mapping tools (without breaking the game).

Object specific circle sizes are actually easy enough to justify. The core game play actually wouldn't change that much. The game would still play the same, but you'd just see different sized hit objects. What would change quite dramatically is how mappers express sounds. Bigger and smaller circle sizes give you different feelings when you hit them in gameplay. You can observe this for yourself if you go into the editor and change the CS on any of the maps. Bigger circles feel heavier, there's more weight to them, the feel sort of... "phat" when you hit them.
They’re very suited to expressing, sub-bassy, low pitched, slow sort of sounds or sounds that really dwarf the rest of the sound stage in the music. Then when you look at smaller circles they can feel tense if they’re spaced very far, or if you space them close together they feel… “small” is the only word I can think of. They’re typically much more suited for higher pitched sounds. Or little… sort of… “tiny” feeling sounds. (I’m shit with words sorry)

Object specific approach rates on the other hand are a little more difficult to justify. I could see players learning to play difficulties that utilized this feature but I’ll be honest I couldn’t think of ways to utilize this myself in mapping to express music. Until I re-encountered an oldie from 2014. https://youtu.be/64x0OxFqmEQ?t=5m4s Substitute the lingering effect of the low SV sliders in this with the lingering effect of really low AR hit objects and that’s how you’d use it. You can do some really really interesting things with this. I had a scramble through my music library to see what I could use this for and straight away on the first song I found that this effect is very good for long, ambient, reverby sounds. I can’t show this to you cause there’s no way to actually do this in editor without messing around with storyboard which is something I don’t know how to do. So I’ll just have to try my best to describe it.

https://soundcloud.com/asamusicofficial/heartbeatsteelanrmx For this song. Wait for the drop at 1:40. Imagine a map. It’s a regular 4-5 star insane difficulty. There’s normal hit objects mapping the drums but for those 2 measure long, bassy, ambient chords there’s these lingering, larger than the rest of the map hit circles, with approach circles slooowly closing in on them. And you click on them as soon as the next set of chords start playing and when that lingering circle goes away another one appears and slowly closes on itself for the next set of chords as you tap away at the drum rhythms. If you’re struggling with my description watch the graces of heaven bit again with the lingering sliders and then imagine those in this map but replaced with really low AR circles.

That’s just what I could think of doing, without having these features to actually dick around with and try. I’d say mappers much more experienced and creative than me could think of even weirder things to do.

Ofcourse I don’t think this would be a good thing to just throw into the game. I think if it’s decided that these features are worth looking into that they be put in to the cutting edge build of the game. Let mappers and players dick around with these. And if all goes well, put them into the main game and slowly let them trickle into ranked sets.
This should be possible in lazer, even if the editor won't support it the new map format should based on some poking at the code.
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