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DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME Beatmaps Pack
for osu!mania only

Click here to download

Attention all osu!mania and DanceDanceRevolution players! To coincide with the 15th anniversary of the greatest DDR installment, DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME, I decided to launch it by releasing an osu!mania Beatmaps Pack! It contains all of the arcade version's brand new songs, with mainly the BG effect sequences lifted from the same game. Experience the ultimate climax of the DanceDanceRevolution series as a whole!
Nice, thank you. I assume these aren't ranked (as usual)?
It was because my very first osu!mania beatmap upload to the osu! official collection ("HAVE YOU NEVER BEEN MELLOW" by THE OLIVIA PROJECT) was never approved and ranked by the mods within a year and I had to pull it out. They now reside in MediaFire and Google Drive, and an osu! account isn't required to download my beatmaps.
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