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In ctb, the more you have a higher combo, the more the lights go up! I want to disable this feature as it is really distracting in flashlight and maps that are long because of how it becomes really hard to see. Anyway to disable it?
If you don't care about your droplets being black-colored and if you play with 100% dim :

- Go into your skin's "skin.ini" file
- Search "[Colours]"
- If any, delete the lines under "[Colours]" named "ComboX : XXX,XXX,XXX" (e.g."Combo1:26,116,242").Image. Else, proceed to the next step.
- Paste the following line : "Combo1: 0,0,0". Image

It doesn't disable the feature, but colors it in black. Nevertheless, it is the most efficient way of suppressing this phenomenon.
Have fun ! :)
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