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sad to see a map go like this
No comment ;(
friendly reminder that whether you like a map or not, it was made by a human being
there's a right way and a wrong way to have discourse over a map
i'm sure a lot of people just learned that the hard way

even if i don't like the map, not cool guys
coulda just kept the map and waited for loved tbf, it wasnt bad

oh well gl on your life
good job people, you made someone quit.
Hating for the sake of hating and abusing power.
Sigh, people are as toxic as ever, things never change.
gl irl soulfear, thanks for all the wonderful maps.
as much as i disagreed with the map nobody should ever be flamed so hard they decide to quit the game

shame on every single one of you that brought your petty toxicity to this thread. I hope you're happy

soulfear wrote:

Hello,here are my last words in OSU,I was quit OSU before and make a lot of friends in other games,happy with them every day,but in this game,only sadness,and now I can quit it forever.
To Karen:thank you for coming to my map because I don't even call you to check my map,when I saw your first reply in my map,I was surprised.
To other people who hate my map&me:I'll glad if you guy can ask someone to nuke all my rank maps&delete them,this is my last wish.
To other people who love my map&me:really thank you guys,wish you guys will have a good life everyday.
I don't want to contribute to this game anything and anymore,it's useless,I'm old,finally it just awaste of my time.
at last,congratulations to those popular mappers who steal/copypaste from my map,you are succeed.
You did your best, soulfear. That alone puts you above many names other people praise in my book.

It's a shame even your mapper spirit can be damaged beyond repair.
this is just sad... I don't understand how people could be so damn toxic over a game. it 1 thing to hate the map but don't bring your damn petty hate comments in a thread that is suppose to improve a map and expect the mapper he/she self to just shrug it off - Just because a map is not up to date to your mapping needs, shouldn't mean to tare down the map to suit your expectation as that takes aways the mappers vision and only puts in your own and that obviously doesn't solve the situation. Not to say that there wasn't anybody trying to help but there was more hate than help and I can't see anyone denying that.

Its a pity to see all this effort to go down the drain just because everyone not liking a map they don't even have to play or look at.

anyways this thread should be locked before any more damage is done.
I like how there are more modders/mappers in this thread shitting all over the map than players.

They said to comply to the map's context, but that is literally completely ignored here.

Thanks for your maps Fear, wishing for the best in your future endeavors!
Congratz to this community once again, just continue to show how mature you are.

And have fun soulfear for your other stuff o7
Knowing by reading all these posts here, you should be ashamed of yourselves, being such an immature shit, as i've seen a lot of worst cases like this

I haven't seen the map yet, but gl with your life out there, soulfear!
What the actual fuck guys, the map has made the mapper quit a game he likely actually enjoyed before. I personally haven't seen the map yet but tbh seeing how the past 20 pages have been filled with posts within the last two days, this looks like it was such a shitstorm. Like damn, this is a game, you don't need to get so triggered by a single map. This is exactly why I decided to stay out of this thread

Anyways, gl for your future soulfear, hope you have a good one!
It's sad to see that soulfear decided to make a martyr from himself instead of working on compromises or pushing this to loved. Oh well, gl irl.

jic for the history records - https://puu.sh/zsEdx/5cf2672d62.osz
This Manga Need A Serialized Anime tbh pretty Dramatical Story ... ( btw there is a map already Qualified with worst aesthetics and rhythm choice and weird overall
hollowing's Map .exe diff ) but no one seems to care hmmm Kids shouldnt have authority Above a Community even if its a game because they will ruin it tbh actually its already ruined lol.

i Hope this goes to Loved atleast.
I know most of you won't take anything meaningful out of the events of the past few days here but perhaps try to have at least a little bit of basic respect for your fellow mappers and community members in the future. It's very sad to see things end up the way they are as of now, a mapping thread devoid of meaningful discussion of the mapset at hand and utterly meaningless comments that did nothing but cause trouble and drama. I'll be locking this thread for some time since there isn't anything to gain by having it open at this point.

soulfear: I'm terribly sorry on behalf of the community that this mapset came under such needless harassment from people who had no intention of ever helping you with improving it. And speaking personally, I apologize for not being free to manage this thread so that many of these comments could have been removed before everything escalated out of control. If you ever want this thread unlocked for any reason, please contact me or any other GMT/QAT member. If this is your final farewell, I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. Thank you for your extensive contributions to the game.

edit: for clarity some posts have been removed from this thread
Unlocked on request.

For the one who would post here: please keep the thread on topic on a polite discussion, any unrelated or nonsense posts might be removed and you will be slapped with high silences on you, I hope you behave well.

For modders: look through old posts to see if your points have been raised, if so make sure read the replies of them before posting.
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