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As you can see on this page starting at "Group and Sort"

Group-bys such as Collections, Rank Achieved or only viewable by grouping

It would be great if these features were implemented for the search as well for example:
or just write the collection name, suppose there is a collection called 1234567890mapsfortesting
now you type 1234567890mapsfortesting in the search and all maps inside that Collection will be displayed

The main problem is Rank Achieved

Because when trying to play all maps you have a certain rank on and you change that rank you will be prompted to the other group

For example: I want to play all maps i havent played yet
Each time i finish a map i find myself in the Group "A"
Then i need to right click to the bottom and select the "No Rank Achievedd" Group again
After that i need to scroll to the difficulty i wanted to play, and then repeat after each map

If i just searched for Rank=A i wouldnt have this problem as i the order of the maps would be the exact same
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