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Well, hi, everyone,

so, my name is Lowtagoras and I'm not really that new to osu! (classic), though I have never participated in the forums until now due to some confidence problems and general insecurity towards others. I started playing back in 2012 but was somewhat forced to put that on ice around three years ago. Now, after having sorted out these personal issues to some degree, I plan to become a decent member of this board despite the possibility of being absent for longer periods of time because of work.

Hobbies include - who would have guessed - Anime and Manga, games (mainly RPG, Strategy) and helping other people out if I'm able to. Sleeping's probably the biggest one. Cooking's also in if I get the chance.
Name hails form one silly discussion back in school where one classmate and I talked about Protagoras. His words summed up to a "If there was a PROtagoras, then what about a LOWtagoras?"-statement. Fits quite nicely, I thought, though now in a more self ironic way.

So yeah, I could write way more stuff, but that'll do for now. Don't mean to talk your ears off.
*Ahem* Well then, nice to meet you!
I don't talk my ears off too much but I could be said to be two-faced.

But you're lucky that you get my good side this time, who wants to unite the world.
#Willkommen (yea I know my French and German are going down but I'm just trying to be nice here)
hi there! welcome to the osu! forums

im kinda the opposite of you because i am a new osu! player and like talking www
Haha, it's not like I don't like talking, but a wall of text would have been less appropriate I dare to say. And I'm cool with world unification btw, though I can't see it happening anytime soon.

Anyways, thanks for the welcome ^__^
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