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Problem Details: I started osu! as usual but I noticed I got no music everywhere in the client. I restarted several times and checked my audio input from osu! and my pc but that wasn't the problem. When I restarted I saw how my music just stops after a few seconds without doing anything, so that's pretty weird at first. In song selection I don't get to hear music aswell.
I went into an editor of a beatmap and it seems timing points are missing/moved strangely in each map now. Watching a replay from a global ranking list shows it all wrong, like the user is playing in a normal way but still hits the objects with 100/50 or just gets a miss mostly.

editor's behaviour:

I also tried to play an easy map (I usually play higher diffs) but that's what I got as result:

same thing happened here with watching replays when I played.

sadly my computer is pretty bad to record anything else like recording the replay from someone, sorry

osu! version: 20171215.2 (latest)

I was able to do the osu!repair but it didn't help.
Might be some DirectSound/whatever sound engine osu! uses.
Check audio playback with various audio engines.
A friend spectated me and recorded it for me, so here's a video of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyvKGYZLQqs

For you it looks like I hit them all (even tho my accuracy is telling the opposite for some reason) but when I played I only got 100 hits and misses. The spinner showed up for only one second for me so that's why I didn't spin more and when I stopped moving my cursor I failed. For my friend I failed because I stopped moving my cursor.
Also, not sure if it's important to mention, but I wasn't able to skip aswell, eh

@KatouMegumi: nothing wrong with them, also it's much more happening here than the audio only :x
After a spending a while troubleshooting, we came to the conclusion that the problem most likely stemmed from Discord. osu! would run normally while Discord was closed and started misbehaving as soon as Discord was launched. Turning on the legacy audio subsystem in Discord seemed to have fixed the problem, just in case anyone is interested and/or is experiencing the same problem.

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