Sato Hiromi - Melty Air (Short Ver.)

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Note moved, sorry late reply orz
The last two uninherited sections (at 112460 and 116060) are missing from gow's difficulty. Also, the section at 29260 needs to be moved back to 24460 in every difficulty.

(don't kd this post)
[All difficulties]
The red timing section at 29260 needs to be moved to 24460.

00:43:660 (1) - New combo
Oh, wow I only just noticed this map now.

It's been such a long time since I last looked at this..
Time to take another stab at this~

*Timing is perfect now.
*That's a really long source... I checked Google and saw that many places just use "Maikaze no Melt", and so I suggest that you add "where leads to feeling destination" to tags instead.

*AR 2 is a bit slow... could raise it to 3 instead!
*The map itself is fine and rankable, but it's a bit uneventful with notes/sliders *only* on white ticks and large gaps of emptiness between notes. It's fine to use more red/blue ticks in Easies (especially with sliders), so try that next time!

[Faust's Normal]
00:29:260 (1,2) - try avoiding patterns like this; these sliders are identical, but one has an extra repeat; that doesn't really make sense...
01:52:760 (7,8,1) - spacing is incorrect
01:53:960 (2,3,1) - ^
01:57:660 (1) - where are the hitsounds? .___.

[gow's Hard]
*Kiai is broken in this difficulty. The first section ends on a blue tick, and then there's a random fountain on a red tick later on. I don't know if this was accidental, but I suggest making the kiai consistent with the other difficulties.
00:30:260 (4,5) - pretty sure that this is unrankable; you really can't tell whether (4) is a circle or a slider...
00:33:060 (2) - I don't get why there's a repeat if you're just silencing it... why not just make this a longer/non-repeating slider? o.O
01:03:560 (1) - not sure why this ends on a red tick; there's nothing there... please end this on the previous white tick instead
01:26:960 (2) - this is really awkward and doesn't go with the music; the vocals are on the red tick, not the blue ticks
01:30:160 (3) - ^
01:39:660 (1,2) - this is how the above should have been mapped, but (2) ending on a blue tick still sounds a bit weird
01:41:560 (7,8) - again, all of these blue-tick snappings don't sound too great since they're not really mapped to anything

[Fiya's Taiko]
*Fine, but how about renaming the difficulty to something like... "Fiya's Taiko Oni" so that the level of difficulty is shown?

*I see that AR8 is used, but I feel like AR9 might fit a bit better.
01:10:060 (6,7) - Try rotating these clockwise a bit like this: Otherwise, the repeat arrow on (7) is at the bottom left of the screen (with the combo number) and it might get hidden.
[Faust's Normal]
01:52:260 (6,7,8) - spacing should be like 01:53:660 (1,2,3) and 01:54:860 (1,2,3)

[gow's Hard]
*I don't see any changes from my last post :/

EDIT: Great; rebubbled!
Hmm.... Aritist and Source matches up accurately. The timing is good and consistent to all difficulties. One thing I could say though it's not major, is that the background could have been in .jpeg/.jpg format instead of .png to save a few hundred KB in the folder size.

[Faust's Normal]

Plays a bit rough...... but not something I totally disagree with at least. Just note.

Overall, the map is still good enough to be ranked with everything checking out fine. With that being said, good job.
Grats on rerank :3
omedetou! :D
Sanae Kochiya

Derekku wrote:

Went ahead and unranked this; no sense having more people upset by losing their scores by waiting to unrank.

Let's try and make this a quick and painless re-rank!
2 months later. gratz anyway.
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