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The idea is a bit more specific but I couldn’t fit it in the subject line.

One of the biggest problems I see with new players and trying out new gamemodes is not realizing they are playing auto-converts. While I do know there is the suggestion of adding the warning, this idea would be slightly less intrusive and could also add customization.

Basically by default this feature would be turned on in options and when you selected the gamemode at the bottom would fill in your search bar with <Mode=o, Mode=t, Mode=c, or Mode=m> this way when a new player started the game they would be steered towards mode specific maps by default.

Also you could customize what text you wanted to be auto-filled when selecting a Mode. For instance if you only want to play mania 4k maps you could put in the default text box “Keys=4” This way you could also set a default preferences each time you started up the game. Want to only get 4*+ Maps in Taiko but only 3*+ in CTB? Current filter system would require you to either change your songs filter each time you switched modes or by typing it in the search every time. This way you could have CTB search text to default to Stars>3 while Taiko would be set to Stars>4.

Note: You should be able to delete the items in your search bar and type in other things. If you want to reset your defaults all you’d have to do is click the mode name again and it would come back. Also for people who don’t want to have auto-filtering the could of course turn this feature off (or just have your fields set to blank)
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