Camellia - Towards The Horizon

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 10. februar 2020. at 14:41:29

Artist: Camellia
Title: Towards The Horizon
Source: REFLEC BEAT 悠久のリフレシア
Tags: The Reflesia of Eternity 6th KONAMI Arcade Championship kac BEMANI Illusiya イルシヤ Regou electronic wub dubstep lukas [_l_u_k_a_s_]
BPM: 154,38
Filesize: 6370kb
Play Time: 01:59
Difficulties Available:
  1. Another (5,05 stars, 476 notes)
  2. Easy (1,71 stars, 118 notes)
  3. Endless Journey (6,36 stars, 642 notes)
  4. Hard (3,2 stars, 262 notes)
  5. Insane (4,48 stars, 388 notes)
  6. Normal (2,13 stars, 162 notes)
  7. Regou's Extra (6,08 stars, 568 notes)

Download: Camellia - Towards The Horizon
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
the first std set of this song ever
i just suck at ranking things

old version of top diff:
made 2 years ago

yes this mapset is 2 years old and i had to remap it 3 times, but it was worth it lol
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