Shamwow's mod/GD queue (STD) [GD OPEN]

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NM Request~~~
Thanks for taking your time =w=

my favourite meme....challenge accepted? XD
Hello there!

I’d ask for an easy GD, please

I’m aiming to rank this mapset, so I’d do my best to not let your diff decay in the graveyard

Thanks in advance!

Favourite meme:

| ||
|| |_
GD request please!
Map name: succducc - me & u (Future Bass genre)
Length: ~3 minutes
Difficulty: Normal (2*-3* if possible)
Dead line: End of april (this can move if you need more time)
Map link:
Note: If its not the problem I will lend any help for the diff if necessary :3
Favourite meme: Somebody toucha my spaghet
Additional comments: QUACK , I like the way you map a lot :3
Thanks in advance! ^^ (I hope I mentioned everything)
Nm req
You can watch the memes in the desc lmao
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[ Shamwow ]
still open, I’ll accept a few later today
Serizawa Haruki
hi nm please
thanks (no favorite meme)
Hi o//

I don't have any favorite memes.
Please NM.
Let's go
GD Request! *Hard diff plz*
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[ Shamwow ]
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[ Shamwow ]
hi, I'm opening queue for GD requests only!!
GD request booooi
Hard diff pls
i dont know if you know this one but the memes with aaron paul screaming is probably in my top 10
- NM
- Artist: iKON
- Title: Love Scenario
- Length: 2:56~3:10 draintime
- Map Link:

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[ Shamwow ]
bump, still open for GD requests not mods .-.
Can you GD for me

Thanks in advanced (if you accept =))

Also I have no favourite meme (cause there are a lot of quality meme out there) my favourite meme is Sanic
Hi Shamwow! :)
NM request:

(i read the rules, but i don't know how to put an image lol)
thank you!
DyCuk hey, can you make normal or hard?
GD req (insane)
Title: Akatsuki Zukuyo (Short Ver.)

i haven't a favourite meme but here's the pic
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[ Shamwow ]

Sharpay wrote:

GD req (insane)
Title: Akatsuki Zukuyo (Short Ver.)

i haven't a favourite meme but here's the pic
I'm not super comfortable in mapping insanes sorry, but I modded your extra diff!
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