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Problem Details: (Osu shut down itself when using 2 combined mods simultaneously in Multiplayer ?) *Edit : when using 1 mod for example HR at start of the game nothing abnormal but whenever i select EZHD or NFHD etc just after the game launched before the gameplay appears (osu) closes automatically.

What should i do thx :)

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20171206.1beta
Please provide more details so we can identify what is the issue.
Try holding shift while starting osu! until a configuration window pops up and select "repair osu!"

If that does not work, please try enabling Compatibility mode in osu!'s options. If this works please update your graphics drivers.

Finally, if neither of those work switch to Stable(Latest) instead of beta and provide the log from your event viewer.
Well i tired to delete all CFG and data base files and restarted osu and it seems it works for now, Atleast im saved from providing the log which is a harder task
thx for Help guys !!
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