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So I played for around 2 hours yesterday, but didn't set any significant scores pp wise. I was able to see my scores on the selected leaderboards and when I open the maps in browser they're recognized as something I've passed or fcd. My profile however didn't update. Every time before I play, I leave my profile opened so I can compare stats after I finish the session. None of the scores I set were shown in the recent activity section, even though some of them were in top 1k and there was a single play that was worth enough pp to be in my top 100 pp scores. This doesn't affect just the recent activity, everything listed under the general tab hasn't been updated, from ranked score to number of SS/S/A ranks. The said score that was worth some pp is still in my top 100 pp scores but you won't see it on recent activity even though my play is ranked 61st as of writing this. One final thing I should mention is how these plays that are bellow 1k on the leaderboards can not be replayed when viewed from anywhere but local rankings.

Did anyone else have this happen? I haven't played today to see if this would occur again. Although this is certainly a first for me.
There was an issue yesterday for around 8-10 hours that caused certain statistics to not update, such as the Recent Activity section of your profile, and replays to not be saved properly. This should be resolved now, but any scores set during that time will not have a replay online.
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