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Quick Summary: "Oh hey! Cool song." (Moments later)" NOOOOOOOOO!"

So, I was basically playin dis epic song with my friends on multiplayer. Everything was normal like it should be. Then all of the sudden I lose 8% of accuracy. Even though it was "Approved". :< Pretty sure this can't be reversed(NUUUUU :cry: ) If it can though. den..thanks in advance.
Honestly, if it can't be helped then, that's fine, not a big deal. Just wanted to know if it could've changed back.

Even a perfect 100% on another song only brings it up 0.06+. o.o

Woop, 99% down the drain to 90%.

Also, yes I was optimistic on this whole thing

EDIT: Just read the "format" we were suppose to have and o.o; since I already posted and..this isn't a technical problem really, then I don't need to post my computer's specs and stuff.
Sorry but the score on it can't be removed for something like this.

There isn't any bug or mistake from it, approved maps do not effect your score but they still do effect your accuracy. The reason it has so much impact on your accuracy at the moment is because you haven't played that many maps. Continue to improve and you should be able to go back to the approved map later on and improve all of the stats on it.

(Or you could try playing on half time etc and improving it that way)
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Anyways, you can try improving yourself (and use Half-Time and/or EasyMode mod if you think the song is too tough) and get higher Accuracy to reclaim the overall Accuracy stats.

The Accuracy stats is based on all the beatmaps you have achieved from the online score. It calculates the average rate of every 300s, 100s, 50s, and misses from the record you have achieved.
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